Yoakum FFA Venture Present raises $173,000 for college kids | Lavaca

The Yoakum FFA raised approximately $173,000 for its students this month during the annual Yoakum Project Show.

The total exceeds last year’s total of approximately $142,000 and helps support the students who raised the animals being sold.

“It’s really great to work in a community like Yoakum where there is so much support for our students. The increase in our sales shows that our local businesses and community members support our exhibitors in their efforts and want to see them succeed in their activities,” said Laura Johnson, Agricultural Sciences teacher and Yoakum FFA Advisor.

The students and their families put a lot of effort into their projects. The money from the show will do them a lot, Johnson said.

“The money they make from these projects will enable them to achieve whatever goals they set out to achieve. Whether that’s going to college, university, trade school, or even stepping straight into the workforce, these students will have the tools to be able to take those first steps,” she said.

She also emphasized that she and all the students thank the people who donated to the exhibitors to support their projects.

“Without you, none of this would be possible,” Johnson said. “We would also like to thank our Yoakum Stock Show Board for all the behind the scenes work they do to make this event happen for our exhibitors.”

The students who showed the champion and reserve champion animals, the price of the animals sold and the buyers are:

Grand Champion Market Oxen: Will Robbins, 17, Yoakum FFA, $3,175.00. Sold to Mitchell Franz, Kenneth and Kelly Pavliska, HEB Pantry Stores, David Markert, Boedeker Ag Supply, Rock Hard Materials, Hub City Motors, GVEC, Yoakum National Bank, Arch Manning, Kodiak Gas Services, Shawn and Jennifer Green, Weber Motor Co ., Shiner Animal Hospital, TX Sells, Shoppa’s Farm Supply-Shiner, Burns Ranch / Kelley Show Steers, K and K Repair Service, RMA Architects, Double K Diesel, K-Box Cattle Company, Randy Fishbeck, Chris and Kim Kvinta, Aggie Buyer, Diamond G Cattle Co.

Grand Champion Market Pig: Maggie Rempe, 16, Yoakum FFA, $2,120. Sold to Weber Motor Co., TX Sold, Inc, David Markert, Research Pest Control, Chandler Drilling Co., Yoakum Packing, Eddy Packing Co., Pat and Amy Hull, Weaver and Jacobs Constructors, Ritzie Britches, Boedeker Ag Supply, Baker Boys BBQ, Robert and Denise Debord, Double K Diesel, DeWitt Poth and Son, Thiele-Cooper Funeral Home, Morrow Hardware Co., Jeff and Candace Vinklarek, Steven and Brenda Morris, Cuero Livestock Commission Co., Jacobs-Weber Insurance Services, Hub City Motors, David and Diana Hanzelka, HEB Pantry Stores, Anthony and Jennifer Netardus, Tom and Jennifer Kelley, Yoakum National Bank, Kids Academy, Rock Hard Materials, Glen and Sherri Kusak.

Grand Champion Market Goats: Wyatt Hanzelka, 17, Yoakum FFA, $3,522.50. Sold to Mayo and Cheryl Walker, Michael and Peggy Chumchal, Cuero Livestock Commission Co., Mitchell Franz, Maynard Wagner, Mark and Marsha Herchek, Crossroads Bank, Weber Motor Co., Darryl and Phyllis Lauer, Mr. and Mrs. Stan Kuester, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Sefton, Mrs. AE Mgebroff, Kids Academy, K Bar K Ranch, John and Sherry Hutchinson, John and Kathryn Boothe, Joan and Thomas Macha, Jerry and Earlene Murray, James and Judy Leist, State Farm Insurance- Roberta Bittick, Thiele-Cooper Funeral Home, HEB Pantry Stores, Hallettsville Livestock Commission Co., VJ and Lois Drozd, Gordon and Betty Flessner, Denise and Matt Kutzer, Tommy and Linda McCabe, Geraldine Kuester, KLK Services, TX Sold, Edwin and Sandra Steinmann, Larry and Mary Jo Leahy, Double K Diesel, Dorothy and Eugene Hanzelka, Doris Wren Weiser, Manning Real Estate Group, DeWitt County Farm Bureau, Shirley Kuehn, Barbara Otto, Billy E. Taylor, Ann’s Flowers, Zimmerman Electric, Charles and Shirley Hanzelka, Robert and Denis e Debord, Rainbow S Ranches, Chandler Drilling Co., Robert and Jeannie Hermes, Rock Hard Materials, Robert and Linda Cooper, Yoakum National Bank, Christopher and Amanda Sykora.

Grand Champion Market Broilers: Timothy Donihoo, 17, Bear Creek 4-H, $5,200. Sold to Embroidery Express, Double D Ranchwear, Rock Hard Materials, Lonnie and Anne Gregorcyk, KLK Services, M and M Cattle Co, Hub City Motors, HEB Pantry Stores, Mitchell Franz, David and Nanette DeBord, Triple R Motors, TX sold, Knock Down Land Services, Kenneth and Lorrie Adamek, First National Bank of Shiner, Weber Motor Co., Keith and Tessa Bowman, Yoakum Packing, Alan Adamek, Matt Donihou, DeWitt Poth and Son, McKee Construction, Ernest and Roxy Elizando, Chandler Drilling Co. , Glen’s Packing Co., Cuero Livestock Commission Co., David Markert, Kim and Susan Hagan, Dennis and Georgia Kutach, Picha Automotive, Bill and Brenda Brown, Josh and Lexanne Carroll, Jamie and Lee Kifer, Weser Ag Services, Anonymous 1, Sweet Home Sand and Gravel, Ronald Adamek Cattle, Adams Tractor Sales, Glen and Sherri Kusak, Clay and Jennifer Hermann, Nathan and Mandy Bucek, Yoakum Chiropractic Center, Vinklarek Family Ranch, Shannon and Cheryl Bucek, Dustin Braden, Double K Diesel, Crossroads Bank, Bödeker A g Supply, Josh and Lauren Pohler, Gilbert and Janet Adamek Jr., K Bar K Ranch, John and Sherry Hutchinson, Wendel’s Jewelry, Walter and Trina Elizando, Weaver and Jacobs Constructors, Travis Kifer Services, CRP Ranch, Shiner Animal Hospital, Long land and livestock.

Grand Champion Market Rabbits: Beckham Repeated, 8, Sweet Home 4-H, $3,500. Sold to Denise and Matt Kutzer, Lee and Arlene Wiederd, Boedeker Ag Supply, Farmers Insurance, Weaver and Jacobs Constructors, Mark and Emily Drozd, Shannon and Cheryl Bucek, Double K Diesel, Boehm Tractor Sales, Manning Real Estate Group, HEB Pantry Stores, Anonymous 1, Zimmerman Electric, Hallettsville Livestock Commission Co., John and Doyce Justiss, Kids Academy, SAK Construction, KLK Services, Will and Annie Weiderhold, Yoakum National Bank, Jeff and Candace Vinklarek, Damon Drozd, David Markert, Clifton and Mickey Vinklarek, Ronald Adamek Cattle, Jared and Mary Morris, McKee Construction, K Bar K Ranch, Rock Hard Materials, Clay and Jennifer Hermann, Weber Motor Co., Keith and Lois Boysen, Shoppa’s Farm Supply-Shiner.

Reserve Champion Market Steer: Olivia Wenzel, 10, Bear Creek 4-H, $9,264.16. Sold to Blahuta Advertising, Glen and Sherri Kusak, Kids Academy, Bill and Brenda Brown, Robert Cross, Gordon and Betty Flessner, Tim and Laney Respondek, Duke Steen, Anonymous 1, Dustin Braden, Embroidery Express, KLK Services, Hallettsville Livestock Commission Co ., Kenneth and Kelly Pavliska, DeWitt Poth and Son, Ernest and Jeanie Knezek, Fojt Construction, Eggemeyer Land Clearing, Ful-O-Pep Feeds, HEB Pantry Stores, El Pascador Boats, Zane A Debord Technical Services, Hairell Real Estate, Yoakum Packaging, Billy E. Taylor, Kenneth Leopori, Gery and Billie Jo Maneth, Trish Griffith, Crossroads Bank, Rock Hard Materials, Koy Marek, David Markert, Hub City Motors, David and Julie Barnes, Jeff and Dayna Tuttle, Pioneer Oilfield Trucking, Inc., Yoakum National Bank, Michael Jacob Consulting, John and Doyce Justiss, Cuero Livestock Commission Co., Rudolph Ranch, Ranch House Spirits and Gifts, Adams Tractor Sales, McKee Construction, Wendel’s Jewelry, K and L Tumbletown, Ro lling O Farms, Jo sh and Lexanne Carroll, Morrow Hardware Co., K and K Repair Service, Justin Schlenker Hauling, Collin and Laura Belcik, Coker Insurance, Nathan and Mandy Bucek, Parker Building, Yoakum General Store, Partners Chevrolet Buick GMC, John and Tanya Wenzel, Tyler Kusak, Boedeker Ag Supply, Ken and Linda Wilson, Hobo Farms, Leyton and Ricki Bohac, Rex and Claire Kutzer, Zimmerman Electric, Thiele-Cooper Funeral Home, Double J Saddlery, Double D Ranchwear, K Bar K Ranch, Alpha Nutrition, Double K Diesel, Snappy’s No. 4, Shane Flessner, Weber Motor Co., Anders Auto Supply, Jacobs Real Estate, I-Stop, Chandler Drilling Co., Andrew and Audra Pawelek, Mark and Ann Seidenberger, Brian and Julia Prasek, Walter and Tammi Dixon, Dennis and Georgia Kutach, Satterfield Welding Service, Leonard and JoBeth Myers, The Muddy Pig Co., Denise and Matt Kutzer.

Reserve Champion Market Pig: Robert Debord, 16, Yoakum FFA, $1,750. Sold to Sweet Home Sand and Gravel, GVEC, HEB Pantry Stores, Shoppa’s Farm Supply-Shiner, Tammy Bennett – DeWitt County Farm Bureau, Aggie Buyers, Rock Hard Materials, Joseph Pieprzyca, Yoakum Packing, Kodiak Gas Services, David and Diana Hanzelka, Weber Motor Co., Mitchell Franz, Circle Y Saddles, Eddy Packing Co. TX Sold, DeWitt Poth and Son, Robert and Denise Debord, Cuero Livestock Commission Co., Double K Diesel, Morrow Hardware Co., Chandler Drilling Co., Tom and Jennifer Kelly.

Reserve Champion Market Goats: Emmerson Wenske, 13, Bear Creek 4-H, $5,811.66. Sold to Damon Drozd, Yoakum National Bank, SAK Construction, Proschko and Proschko, Prosperity Bank, Tammy Bennett-DeWitt County Farm Bureau, Kapavik Transport David Markert, Steven and Brenda Morris, McKee Construction, Weber Motor Co., Jay and Karen Quinney, K and L Tumbletown, Picha Automotive, Corner Stop, County Wide Pest Services, Josh and Lexanne Carroll, Wenskes Gas Station, Chris and Samantha Vinklarek, Crossroads Bank, Damian and Christy Brosch, Mitchell Franz, Adams Tractor Sales, Rock Hard Materials, Sweet Home Fitness, Steffek Interests, Tammie Harabis, Wendel’s Jewelry, Eugene and Irene Wenske, Weaver and Jacobs Constructors, Boedeker Ag Supply, Chandler Drilling Co., W4 Fencing, Randy Fishbeck, Kenneth and Kelly Pavliska, Thiele-Cooper Funeral Home, Clay and Jennifer Hermann, Double K Diesel. Farmers Insurance, Francis and Anita Brosch, Shoppa’s Farm Supply-Shiner, Robert and Jeannie Hermes, H and H Café and Bakery, Kids Academy, HEB Pantry Stores, Sweet Home Sand and Gravel, BCS Cemetery Services, Mark and Emily Drozd, Anders Auto Supply, Denise and Matt Kutzer, Hub City Motors, Scott and Christy Fojt, Carl A. Bozka Inc, Zimmerman Electric, Calvin and Beverly Walters.

Reserve Champion Market Broilers: Kallee Kifer, 13, Bear Creek 4-H, $4,780. Sold to KLK Services, Nathan and Mandy Bucek, Shannon and Cheryl Bucek, Lonnie and Anne Gregorcyk, Matt Donihou, Kim and Susan Hagan, McKee Construction, Ronald Adamek Cattle, Kenneth and Lorrie Adamek, K Bar K Ranch, Keith and Tessa Bowman, Long Land and Cattle, Mitchell Franz, Knock Down Land Services, M and M Cattle Co., Picha Automotive, Travis Kifer Services, Clay and Jennifer Hermann, Yoakum Chiropractic Center, Weser Ag Services, Wendel’s Jewelry, Crossroads Bank, Dennis Deer Processing, DeWitt Poth and Son, Rock Hard Materials, Glen and Sherri Kusak, K and K Repair Service, Gilbert and Janet Adamek Jr., Hub City Motors, Cuero Livestock Commission Co., Glen’s Packing Co., David and Nanette DeBord, David Markert, Triple R Motors, Dennis and Georgia Kutach, First National Bank of Shiner, Ernest and Roxy Elizando, Embroidery Express, Weber Motor Co., Dustin Braden, Vinklarek Family Ranch, Denise and Matt Kutzer, CRP Ranch, Josh and Lauren Pohler, Weaver and Jacobs Constructors , Yoakum-Pake t ing, Bill and Brenda Brown, Jamie and Lee Kifer, Chandler Drilling Co., Boedeker Ag Supply, Double K Diesel, Alan Adamek, Adams Tractor Sales, Anonymous 1, Josh and Lexanne Carroll, Walter and Trina Elizando, Sweet Home Sand and Gravel , Double D Ranchwear.

Reserve winner market rabbit: Wyatt Repeatd, 11, Sweet Home 4-H, $3,600. Sold to John and Doyce Justiss, Weaver and Jacobs Constructors, Jeff and Candace Vinklarek, David Markert, Zimmerman Electric, SAK Construction, KLK Services, Kids Academy, Farmers Insurance, Weber Motor Co., Shannon and Cheryl Bucek, Mark and Emily Drozd, Rock Hard Materials, Manning Real Estate Group, Shoppa’s Farm Supply-Shiner, Yoakum National Bank, Double K Diesel, Clay and Jennifer Hermann, HEB Pantry Stores, Keith and Lois Boysen, Hallettsville Livestock Commission Co., Clifton and Mickey Vinklarek, Anonymous 1 , Denise and Matt Kutzer, McKee Construction, Satterfield Welding Service, Boehm Tractor Sales, Boedeker Ag Supply, Lee and Arlene Wiederd, Jared and Mary Morris, K Bar K Ranch, Will and Annie Weiderhold, Damon Drozd, Ronald Adamek Cattle.

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