Winter storm: Texans search to preserve warmth and water as falling temperatures flip off utilities and cell service

Dorminy, his wife, and their four children live in North Texas and are concerned about what will happen when they have to refill their generator with gas. There is now only one gas station in Watauga, the Fort Worth suburb they live in, Dorminy said.

“Pray for us, this is going to be tough,” he told CNN.

Texans have seen snow like they have seldom seen before when winter storms ravaged the state. More than 4 million people in the state were without power early Tuesday morning as utilities were knocked out or frozen by the bitter cold. The Houston Chronicle was able to produce and print newspapers itself through Hurricane Harvey, but lost power from the storm and put Tuesday’s edition at risk.

“Since the freezing temperatures are expected to persist for the next three to four days, we have no indication of when the power supply to our system will be restored. Even after the restoration, it will take many hours before our systems are fully utilized again.” the newspaper told its subscribers Monday.

In the cell towers of Fort Bend County, southwest of Houston, the generators froze, ran out of fuel or both, and operations in parts of the county were suspended, County Judge KP George wrote on his verified Twitter account: “The Conditions on all roads are deteriorating. Roads are impassable Do not travel. Stay where you are, “George tweeted early Tuesday.

Water turned off in Abilene

The power failure at three Abilene water treatment plants has forced the city to shut off the water, according to a statement.

“It is not known exactly when the electricity and subsequent water supply will be returned to Abilene water customers,” the city said.

After the return, according to the statement, a note on boiling water applies. Abilene has a population of approximately 123,000, according to the Census Bureau. The city is about 150 miles west of Fort Worth.

Customers should bring the water to a vigorous boil for at least two minutes before consuming.

Texans with electricity are asked to save as much as possible to relieve demand on the state power grid and help restore service, “the city said.

The state’s largest school district is closing

Several school districts in the state announced that classes – both in person and virtually – will be canceled due to the weather.

In addition to the Dallas Independent School District, the neighboring independent school districts of Arlington and Fort Worth will be closed on Tuesday, according to statements on the district’s websites.

While the Arlington schools only announced a closure on Tuesday, the Fort Worth school district has already canceled Wednesday classes. Dallas announced closings through Thursday.

The Houston Independent School District, the largest in the state, is closed due to freezing temperatures on Tuesday, according to a report on the district’s website.

Covid-19 vaccines and appointments at risk

The storm made Covid-19 vaccinations complicated, postponed appointments and threatened supplies.

According to a city press release, no vaccines in the first dose will be delivered to the health district of Corpus Christi-Nueces County on Monday and Tuesday due to winter weather. San Antonio has postponed the vaccination appointments scheduled for Tuesday at the Alamodome Stadium to Saturday, following a press release from the city.Cities and states delay distribution of Covid-19 vaccines due to winter storms

“Given the current frigid conditions, which are expected to persist through at least tomorrow, we want to ensure the safety of the public. We also want to remind the public, who may be concerned about the slight delay in their second dose, that we are still within the.” CDC are putting guidelines in place to ensure the vaccine continues to work without problems, “the press release said.

Following the blackout at the Harris County Health Department building and the failure of backup generators, officials had to race for the allocation and rescue of 8,400 vaccines before they were spoiled, Harris County Judge Lena Hidalgo said Monday.

Harris County officials settled on Houston’s Ben Taub, Lyndon B. Johnson and Methodist Hospitals, as well as Rice University and Harris County Jail as overnight vaccination sites, Hidalgo said.

CNN’s Keith Allen, Amanda Jackson, Rebekah Riess, Ed Lavandera and Amir Vera contributed to this report

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