Why Large Ed cannot discover love in 90 days The one life regardless of weight reduction

TLC gave Big Ed one more chance to find love. But if he doesn’t work to obey things, he won’t be able to find a life partner.

Though many 90 days fiance Viewers never wanted to see Ed “Big” Brown on reality TV again, and TLC gave the man a chance to find love. After Ed is fired by his Filipino girlfriend Rosemarie Vega, he wants to give love a second chance and eventually settle down. This time around, he’s so seriously interested in making love that he even hired a fitness trainer to help him lose weight. But he does a lot of things wrong, that despite weight loss, he won’t find love in the new 90-day fiancé spin-off 90-day single life.

Ed first appeared in the 90-day season of Fiancé: Before The 90 Days with ex-girlfriend Rose. But that relationship didn’t work out and the couple went their separate ways at the end of the season. The San Diego native is now pumped up to appear on 90 days of The Single Life, which premieres on Discovery + February 21. Ed knows that to attract women he needs to get back in shape and lose at least 30 pounds. He’s started exercising and recently told his Instagram family that he has already lost 18 pounds. After looking at Big Ed’s before and after losing weight pictures, it is clear that he really did lose weight.

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Even so, there’s a high chance he won’t find love in 90 Day The Single Life. First of all, he has to stop telling everyone that he has something for Asian women. No woman likes a man who speaks frequently and proudly of his racial preference. It’s just repulsive! Also, he should get some tips from his dating expert before diving back into the dating world. The 90 Day The Single Life promo reveals that he was turned down from his date when he tried to kiss her on the lips. He could have asked for the kiss first and avoided making his wife feel uncomfortable. He may be 55 and wise enough by now, but he has yet to learn and understand non-verbal dating cues.

Most of all, he needs to stop posting pictures and videos of random girls on his Instagram. He can either show off a Playboy personality on social media or find the love of his life. He can’t have the best of both worlds. We’ll see what happens in 90 days: The Single Life and whether Big Ed finds true love, but as of now it doesn’t look very promising.

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Big Ed Brown Rose in 90 Day Fiancé

90-Day Fiancé: Big Ed’s Weight Loss Raised (See Before And After Pictures)

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