Why Doja Cat actually did not prefer it when individuals commented on her weight reduction

Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, popularly known as Doja Cat, is very talented in her music and rap career, but when it comes to her personal life, nobody knows what to judge about it.

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Does Doja Cat’s fashion sense seem out of this world?

As outspoken and funny as she is, she’s been making some headlines with her fashion lately. The 27-year-old star isn’t afraid to speak her mind and defend herself when it comes to matters affecting her personal lifestyle and decisions.

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Doja Cat is interviewed by MTV Via YouTube

With her unique sense of fashion and style, Doja Cat continues to turn heads wherever she goes.

Her fashion tends to be very artistic because of what she wears and what she does with her body. Only she is able to portray and boldly implement this unique sense of fashion.

Was Doja Cat Too Skinny at the BBMAs?

Doja Cat’s BBMA performance made headlines in May 2021, where people not only talked about her and Sza’s “Kiss Me More” song and performance, which turned out to be amazing, but also chatted about how she suddenly looked like the if she had done it she would have lost a lot of weight.

Some of her fans noticed that Doja looked a bit smaller than usual and this worried her kitties, this is the name she uses to refer to her fans.

Many of her fans took to Twitter to shame her, saying she didn’t look her best anymore. One Twitter user said: “Bro Idk who advised Doja Cat to lose so much weight.”

Another followed up with the comment, saying: “Doja Cat has lost about 50 pounds and is less attractive as a result. She was a dime as she was. Women should lose weight because they are fat, not to fit the Eurocentric standard of beauty.”

At the time, her fans didn’t care about her feelings because some of the comments were so insensitive, to say the least.

Doja Cat claps back while bodyshamming

Apparently, all of the comments reached her and she seemed upset about it, so she had to let her fans know how she was feeling at the moment. She tweeted, “Yes I have lost some weight and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.”

Most people don’t understand the pressures celebrities face every day of their lives. Doja once spoke extensively about her mental health, and ever since she’s been one of those celebrities who doesn’t flinch to speak her mind when she feels the need to address a concern regarding her life.

In a now-deleted Instagram post from Doja’s page, which a fan was able to take and post to YouTube while Doja Cat was doing her own makeup and getting ready for an event, she thought it appropriate to rant about things related to her weight to talk about loss and how it didn’t sit well with her that people were making her weight loss journey a topic of discussion.

She also opened up about her workout routine, saying, “It used to be awards rehearsals, so I look really skinny during awards season.” She added that she now lifts and does weights. Not only that, but she also enjoys doing squats because her lower half is very responsive to it and the results are immediately visible.

Doja continued by saying that she made the decision to eat and exercise healthily and that her fans have no say in that decision-making. With this routine, she managed to lose 20 pounds from her body.

Is Doja Cat carefree?

Although people are used to seeing Doja’s carefree side, she also has a very fun and funny personality. Some of her fans usually say they find it therapeutic when she speaks.

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She once guest-starred on Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out Show and that part of her was very different from what people are used to seeing on a daily basis.

She looked like she was enjoying herself and also carefree and totally happy.

Doja Cat doesn’t like being predictable. She likes to let her fans guess about her next move every time she dares to perform.

This makes her endearing and unpredictable to her fans around the world. Always ready to entertain people in different ways on any occasion.

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