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In most cases, if not treated in time, a cold can lead to more serious illnesses, such as the flu and pneumonia. Doctors give simple health tips to fight the common cold during the monsoon

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Viruses thrive in colder weather like monsoons and winters compared to the spring or fall season, but properly nourishing the immune system and including essential vitamins in our diets every day can help stave off health problems like the common cold. A seasonal change in the direction of the strongest winds, bringing much relief from the scorching summer heat, has finally brought the monsoon season to the doorsteps of several states in India, and as the weather turns from dry to rainy, cold and flu are very common.

Fitness experts insist that taking care of your immune system on a daily basis can make a world of difference, so take essential supplements along with a good diet to keep your immune system strong during vulnerable weather. If there is one thing that Indians have great faith in, it is our faith in home remedies to cure cold and cough/flu, not only because of the ready availability of the ingredients, but also because of their full potency.

So we brought two doctors on board to spill the beans on some simple healthy habits to fight the common cold. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr. Haleema Yezdani, General Practitioner at Connect and Heal: “Any sign of a cold with a fever and cough and abdominal symptoms is definitely a sign to get tested for Covid, otherwise just a cold could be viral influenza. Foods rich in vitamin C help in recovery and prevention of covid as well as colds. As a preventative measure, we advise people to drink plenty of water and do steam inhalations frequently.”

She warned that children and the elderly over 60 need to be careful, and people after heart and kidney transplants also need to be extra careful not to catch a cold. dr Amit P. Gawnde, pulmonologist at Sujay Hospital, offered his expertise and suggested: “In most cases, if not treated in time, a common cold can lead to more serious illnesses such as flu and pneumonia. People who are prone to catching a cold are advised to eat healthily, avoiding acidic and extremely cold foods, and not skimping on their vitamins.”

He added: “Keeping dry is also important, especially during the monsoons. All patients who are sensitive to weather changes and/or other environmental irritants are advised to take a nasal vapor inhalation daily. This reduces the chance of catching a cold or getting a viral infection. Also, people prone to allergies should start preventative medication in consultation with their thoracic doctor.”

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