When will the water in Austin be absolutely restored with a touch of boiling water?

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Austin Water is hoping every customer will have water by Monday, but expects the boiling water notification to last longer across the city.

Austin Water deputy director Randi Jenkins says the agency can’t give a definitive answer on how many Austinites are out of water, but it’s down to thousands as of Sunday night, which is less than tens of thousands on Thursday.

Free water will be available Monday to residents who cannot buy or boil water at 10 Austin locations

This weekend, the community gathered with churches, restaurants, and breweries offering free water distribution points. The city of Austin opened 10 water distribution points on Sunday – all for residents who are most at risk and can’t buy or cook water – and provided a free bottled water case.

The city will continue its water distribution efforts in the same 10 locations on Monday.

On Sunday, Texas governor Greg Abbott said 3.4 million bottles of water had arrived in the state by air, helicopter and truck.

Before the boiling water notice in the city can be lifted, Austin Water must test the water to prove it is bacteria-free. This takes 18 to 24 hours once the sample is taken. Jenkins informed KXAN that the crews are already collecting samples.

Austin Water says it has been coordinating with the state to be able to lift the evidence of boiling water through pressure zones. You will notify each zone when it is raised.

Determining Factors for Turning On Austin’s Water

In the video above, KXAN meteorologist Nick Bannin explained how Austin Water will determine when the system is healthy.

Austin Water consists of nine pressure zones across the city, ranging from southwest to central to northwest of Austin.

Most of the pressure zones in Austin ran out of water on Thursday. As of Sunday evening, five pressure zones – Central, North, South, Southwest and Northwest – will receive at least one volume of water with low pressure. Four pressure zones are still classified as a water failure.

A map of Austin Water’s pressure zones can be found here.

Austin Water says it needs 100 million gallons of water for a healthy storage system with increased water pressure for all residents. On Thursday, Austin Water’s map showed that the city had only stored 12.5 million gallons of water.

With electricity largely restored, the Middle Texans still need water

Austin Water has been working on repairing broken pipes that will replenish the reservoir since Thursday. The agency posted a store update on its website twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening.

On Sunday evening, Austin Water reported that its storage tank is 90 million gallons of water.

Distribution system. Today we added North and Southwest A-Zones (SWA) that were moved from red (water outage) to orange (low pressure). Individual water pressure and service can vary from house to house within a zone. pic.twitter.com/bFlFyRmWGR

– Austin Water (@AustinWater) February 22, 2021

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