What’s the “That Woman” aesthetic on TikTok?

The “That Girl” trend is characterized by its similarities to other aesthetic lifestyles, such as the “Clean Girl” or “Off-Duty Model” aesthetic. “That Girl” is a #GirlBoss struggling to have the life of her dreams while embracing the mantra of slow living and letting things go their way. However, she claims that if you try hard enough and follow her simple routine, you too can be just like her. “I feel like the idea of ​​aesthetics became popular during the quarantine because people were craving some kind of constant,” content creator Joie explains in a tweet. “Following a certain aesthetic makes life a little easier. You want to be like that person, dress, talk and follow that routine, and you’ll be ‘that girl’.”

And the timing of this trend couldn’t be more divine. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, the COVID-19 pandemic has massively reshaped the $4.5 trillion wellness industry, which includes the rise of online therapy, digital wellness coaching, at-home fitness and more. This shift has not only impacted consumer behavior, but has also dramatically impacted the type of content users consume — and the influencers who aspire to make people like them. And while every creator claims to have her own secret to the perfectly balanced lifestyle, the That Girl trend seems to have a very strict set of rules for what success actually looks like.

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