What occurred to Chad Michael Murray?

They say you should never meet your heroes. But Chad Michael Murray ignored that advice when signing up for the 2020 film Survive the Night along with Bruce Willis, the man who inspired him to act. And luckily, the tough guy from Hollywood who played Murray’s father in the action thriller didn’t shatter any illusions.

In an interview with Express that same year, Murray revealed how honored he was to share the screen with such an icon. “It’s one of those great moments in your life,” he said. “When I worked with an actor of Bruce’s caliber, I grew up with Bruce in everything from Die Hard. He’s a legend and made a mark so people are trying to emulate him and try to be like him to be and have careers that may even get a little close to him. “

Willis may not be known for his personality, but it seems like Murray managed to catch him in a relatively happy time. In the express interview mentioned above, Murray said, “Before we started there was this incredible anticipation like, ‘What is Bruce going to bring to the table?’ First off, he’s a great guy, I’ve been struck by the stars on a few occasions for looking into your childhood hero’s eyes and now you’ve got the chance to go head to toe with him in a scene as well tell a new story on the screen! “Well, Yippee-Ki-Way sure is lovely.

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