West Hills taking pictures: Mark Connole recognized by LAPD as suspect in Fallbrook Heart parking zone taking pictures that left 1 lifeless, three injured – KABC-TV

  1. West Hills shooting: Mark Connole has been identified by LAPD as a suspect in the Fallbrook Center parking lot shooting that left 1 dead and 3 injured, according to KABC-TV
  2. Shooting in Trader Joe’s Los Angeles parking lot after drug deal went awry; 1 dead, 3 wounded Fox News
  3. The deadly West Hills shooting could have been linked to a drug deal, ABC7 police say
  4. Man arrested in connection with West Hills shooting, NBC identifies Southern California
  5. Suspect identified in San Fernando Valley shooting that left 1 dead, 3 wounded Los Angeles Times
  6. Check out the full coverage on Google News

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