Well being Watch: TMJ issues: the ‘cheater’ of ache

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – Dr. James Green of Star Image Dentistry has seen many patients come to his practice with pain in the jaw area.

TMJ, which stands for Temporomandibular Joint, connects the jaw to the skull. In combination with poor breathing, allergies or improper joint development in childhood, this joint can cause extreme pain.

dr Green says symptoms of TMJ disease can include migraine headaches and neck problems, all vague indicators that could be related to a number of other conditions.

Changes in weather can also affect those who suffer from TMJ disorders, just like any other joint in your body.

“Changes in barometric pressure can affect the sinuses and the way we breathe and function, which can also affect how we feel, how our joints feel. There are also arthritis-like problems that can arise when the weather can exacerbate them,” said Dr. Green.

dr Green recommends that people with similar pain speak to a dentist or orthodontist for a full evaluation and treatment plan.

Some home remedies to try before getting the chance to seek professional help are eating soft foods, rotating ice packs and heat on the joint, and not biting your teeth during the day.

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