Weight reduction by Gregg Wallace: How the TV star misplaced 4.5 kilos whereas nonetheless consuming huge meals

Surrounded by food, it’s a wonder Gregg Wallace has managed to shed weight after debuting his incredible new look on social media. He’s left fans in awe of his transformation, posting a whopping 4.5 over the course of a couple of years. lost space.

A tremendous accomplishment, as the Celebrity Masterchef presenter revealed that he pulled it off by sticking to a very simple “key” method that has helped him stop snacking and transform his life.

The 57-year-old said he now sticks to “three large, filling, healthy, balanced meals” a day to lose weight.

This helped curb his appetite and need for a naughty treat, and admitted the “weight fell off” shortly after he kicked his bad habits.

Eating three meals allows people to spread out their calories throughout the day and avoid feeling hungry after each meal.

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At his heaviest, Gregg weighed 16st 7lb and admitted he was “not happy” about being overweight.

He’d tried a whole range of restrictive diets in the past, from fad diets to fasting to no-carb methods and low-fat techniques.

But nothing had worked for him long-term, and instead he felt “really uncomfortable” and “terribly hungry and miserable all the time.”

Now he is reaping the rewards of his hard work and new understanding of nutrition.

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“I have learned that it is much better to break the habit [a bad] eat slowly and cook proper, healthy meals,” he said.

“You’re much more likely to succeed and enjoy the change!”

Gregg also eats a big breakfast to ensure he stays full throughout the morning.

With this new mindset, he left fast food behind, started cooking at home more often, limited the days he drank alcohol, and began exercising regularly.

Along with his healthy diet, Gregg has sessions with a personal trainer to keep him fit.

His workout routine includes bench presses, pull-ups, kettlebells, and push-ups.

He often flaunts his six pack abs on his Instagram page, impressing fans with his commitment to his new healthy lifestyle.

And his transformation has also inspired others to make the necessary changes in their own lives.

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