Weight Loss: The Greatest Cardio Workouts You Can “Observe Virtually Wherever” — No Gymnasium

When the weather gets nicer, people head outside to keep fit and get some vitamin D. But for those wondering what to do outside of the gym, former celebrity personal trainer and WithU fitness instructor Faisal Abdalla revealed the best cardio exercises that don’t require any equipment.

A good old-fashioned run

Running is one of the most popular cardiovascular exercises that can be done outside of the confines of a gym.

But this exercise is so much more than just slipping on running shoes and going for a leisurely jog.

Faisal recommended people mix up their running routines but add in some shuttle runs after 5K, opting for timed runs (five minutes of fast jogging followed by five minutes of rest, repeating five to six times) rather than a set distance complete or incorporate a run into outdoor circuit training.

To swim

Taking a bath is a “brilliant” full-body exercise and can greatly improve cardiovascular fitness.

As the weather improves as well, it won’t be long before people can swap the pool for freshwater swimming.

Faisal revealed that the colder water temperature “can increase blood flow and aid in recovery.”

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take the stairs

A simple activity that many people, however, do not think of.

Neglecting the elevator or escalator and choosing to take the stairs may seem tedious, but it can actually prove to be a great cardiovascular workout.

“If you want to increase the intensity, choose a flight of stairs and run up and down the stairs several times, similar to a shuttle run, and repeat in sets,” the PT advised.

“Just watch your stance.”

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