Weight Loss Story: “I Drink A Fats Chopping Ajwain Dalchini Drink Day by day For Weight Loss”

My breakfast: A. Fruit bowl / boiled eggs / oat flakes / ragi malt / protein-rich dosa or idli

My lunch: Broken Wheat / Jowar Roti / Rava / Salad / Protein Curry / Whole vegetables with high-fiber and calcium-rich chutneys / Oil-free vegetable fries / Chicken / Sprouts, Chat etc.

My dinner: Usually fruit / vegetable salads / soups, had at 6pm I have nothing afterwards and I am very strict about the same.

Pre-workout meal: I would recommend people to try an excellent fat loss drink made from boiling cinnamon, jeera, ajwain, flaxseed, saunf and ginger in water. I have this every day.

Post-workout meal: Fruit & high protein meal.

I indulge myself (what you eat on your cheating days):

I have never had a fraudulent meal or day in all these 280 days. Even if I go somewhere or attend a party, I pack my Daliya mix to have there. The reason I didn’t indulge, whatever the occasion or day, was because I had a set goal in mind, which was weight loss and restoring my health.

Low Calorie Recipes I Swear By:

I prefer overnight oats / high protein salads like paneer / chicken / sprouts / soups.

Broken wheat and finger millet are also very nutritious and taste amazing.

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