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In a recent column I wrote about getting healthier and breaking a few pounds. And one reader commented on the hope that I would give updates about the trip.

So here is the update.

Things are going very well. Since I weighed on January 10th, I’ve dropped 29 pounds. I even lost 11 pounds in a week. I did a couple of double recordings on the scale to make sure I wasn’t going crazy.

Things won’t always be easy. My last week only brought a loss of 2.4 pounds. It’s the worst thing ever. But my crazy schedule changes throughout the year and sometimes it’s just hard to keep up with. I think it’s better than putting on weight again.

This next week will be even more difficult.

State wrestling is never conducive to healthy habits. There’s nothing great to eat at the Wells Fargo Arena, and the people who bring food frown, even if I’m a recognized media member who’s there literally 9am to 9pm on Thursday.

I’ll do my best, but I expect this week to be my worst yet. I will be able to go to the gym on Monday and Wednesday as usual, but the rest of the week is very busy and the virtual study days at home force me to stay at home with my daughter.

Eating on the go has been my biggest weight loss challenge in the past. I am in the car a lot and move from town to town almost every day. I don’t exercise a lot on the weekends as it’s a time I want to spend with my family, but Saturdays are also a lot of work.

The main reason for its success over the past month has been to limit gas station stops rather than restricting cheap, delicious food. I’ve eaten more salads and vegetables in the last month than in the past few years combined.

I have a protein shake for breakfast every morning and have eaten a ton of protein bars. Cottage cheese has always been a favorite and it’s healthy. I also eat a lot of tuna sandwiches for lunch.

These are just a few things that worked for me. But everyone is different. Not every body is created equal.

We love Mexican food in our home. This has been a popular Cheat Day meal for me lately. And it has probably been a “scam day” too often. But I guess as long as I lose weight weekly there is nothing to worry about.

We still eat fun foods. We had Arby’s the other day and ordered Montana Mike’s on a Sunday to enjoy on a cold night.

Now back to state wrestling. I’ll be able to take a few walks in between sessions as the downtown skywalk is great for that.

Unfortunately, Newton couldn’t qualify wrestlers this season and Class 3A is the middle session this winter. So I’m going to work through the 1A and 2A sessions as usual and then try to do some additional steps during the 3A session.

It won’t be the same as my normal workout at Anytime Fitness, but exercise is better than sitting. And it helps me avoid boredom eating.

I think I told everyone that another goal of mine was to do 25 pushups a day in 2021. That’s still good. I even improved the number to 30 in February and hope to increase it every month.

I even have my 8 year old daughter who does it with me on days I don’t go to the gym. And to do it alone on days I’ve already done it. It reminds me every day to do it too. It is a must to hold this person accountable.

I added a “daily” thing. I did 100 squats every day I went to the gym. That seems like an added bonus to the end goal.

To a busy week in the squares, mats and alleys. It’s playoff time. That means it will be more difficult for me, but I am ready to take on the challenge right away.

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