‘We Obtained Robbed’: ‘RHODubai’ star Caroline Stanbury shared her ‘Nightmare’ vacation in Greece

There was a disagreement between Stanbury and Carrallo over the idea of ​​having children. In a recent episode of RHODubai, the former Ladies of London revealed that while she is “terrified” of having another child, her husband could leave her if she doesn’t. In fact, she proposed surrogacy, which he quickly turned down. “I don’t want anyone else to wear it… I don’t want to have a baby that doesn’t look like us.”

She explained that “it’s going to look the same,” to which he replied, “I don’t think so, honey. I’ve read a lot about it.” “This is where I definitely see the age difference because he has no idea,” the mother of three said in her confessional. “He just thinks two people have sex and a baby comes out.”

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