Water authorities attempt to fend off ‘devastating’ cyberattacks

Sep 21, 2022 at 9:07 p.m

  • Waterworks need more cyber training, experts told lawmakers
  • Two recent cyber breaks reveal weaknesses in the infrastructure

The Jackson, Miss., water crisis underscores the vulnerability of critical infrastructure to threats ranging from climate change to delayed maintenance to life-threatening cyberattacks, industry officials warned lawmakers Wednesday.

While Jackson’s water system has been strained by devastating floods, cybersecurity remains a glaring vulnerability for the nation’s water companies.

“I’m looking at two things that have changed dramatically in my career — cyber and climate,” Craig Fugate, a head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency during the Obama administration, told the House Homeland Security Panel on Wednesday. “Those weren’t things that we planned for when I started my career either, and now they’re at the height of risk…

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