Was he in a position to get the operation?

Those who tuned in to My 600-lb Life know that the TLC series features morbidly obese individuals Dr. Want to help Younan Nowzaradan (aka Dr. Now) on a journey to change their lives completely. While some of his patients may lose hundreds of pounds with the help of bariatric surgery, others struggle to lose a significant amount of weight. Of course, the audience asked themselves: How is Isaac Martinez doing now?

Meet Isaac Martinez from “My 600-lb Life”.

Isaac, who was 23 at the time of filming his episode of My 600-lb Life, is from Hutchins, Texas. He lives with his parents and siblings and takes care of his mother who has cancer.

“Isaac helped raise his siblings after his mother suffered a debilitating stroke at the age of 10,” reads the synopsis of Isaac’s Journey. “While he was learning to cook for his family, he began to console himself. In order not to eat himself to death, Isaac must learn to take care of himself for a change.”

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At the beginning of his My 600-lb Life episode, much of Isaac’s day revolved around food – and he was so big that he had trouble completing simple tasks.

“My life has become such a struggle. Everything is difficult because of my size,” he said. “And I’m so tall now that even simple tasks like getting dressed can be a big job for me, and I need help at times … Every day it’s getting harder to move and harder to breathe.”

During his first weighing with Dr. Now Isaac tipped the scales at 661 pounds. Dr. Now commissioned him to lose 80 pounds in the next two months – except that he could only lose 40 pounds. Isaac should then lose 100 pounds more in the next two months. Frustratingly, he only lost 10 pounds on that follow-up appointment.

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Dr. Now then helped set up Issac with a therapist (which seemed to help him), and he also set a goal for 80 pounds more weight loss; Isaac lost 34 pounds at the time.

After that, Dr. Now that Isaac lost another 50 pounds and he lost 39 pounds. Dr. Now finally approved him for weight loss surgery at that point, on condition that he continue to hold onto it and lose another 30 pounds.

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How is Isaac from ‘My 600-lb Life’ now?

At the end of Isaac’s My 600-lb Life episode, Dr. Now all the hard work he put into losing over 100 pounds.

“I am proud of Isaac for making the progress he has made over the past year,” said Dr. Now. “He has lost a total of 122 pounds during that time. Although it took him longer than it should have been, I know it has not been easy for him to deal with everyone with his situation and home dynamics.”

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Dr. Now added, “So from what I saw of him at this point, I am confident that he will achieve this next goal so that we can get on with his weight loss surgery in a few months. And that he will be able to.” to do well in the long run. “

Dr. Now also pointed out that Isaac still had a lot to do and that he ultimately had to lose another 350 pounds to reach his goal weight.

“I’m very excited and I know I can get to the next goal now,” Isaac said on the show.

Frustratingly, the episode ended before viewers found out if he could get the surgery and lose any more weight.

Unfortunately, if you’re curious about how Issac is doing now, his Facebook page is private – save for a cover photo from 2016. (We couldn’t find other public social media accounts for him or his family members immediately after his episode of My 600-lb Life.) But we’ll keep you updated if this changes!

Watch new episodes of My 600-lb Life on TLC Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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