Vicki Gunvalson flaunts 22lb weight reduction – see earlier than and after images

Vicki Gunvalson flaunts 22lb weight loss – see before and after photos

Real Housewives of Orange County Alum, Vicky GunvalsonShe takes “new year, new me” to a whole new level when she recently spoke candidly about losing 22 pounds. Vicki revealed she lost weight through dieting and an airsculpt procedure. The 60-year veteran received a minimally invasive body sculpting treatment at Elite Body Sculpture.

“Cellulite appears stronger as you get thinner.” Vicki told Us Weekly during a post-op interview. “My butt and my legs ran into the same area. So I was in the Hamptons and walked in there Lee Anne Locken and she looked fabulous. I’m like, ‘What the hell have you done?’ She says, “I lost weight and did AirSculpt.” I’m like, ‘Liposuction.’ She says, ‘No, AirSculpt.’”

Vicky Gunvalson

AirSculpt permanently removes fat, tightens the skin and models targeted areas of the body. Healing time is around 24 to 48 hours as opposed to the six months it takes to heal after traditional liposuction. According to their procedure Vicki was only able to perform at BravoCon three days later.

“I’ve lost about 20 pounds from my heaviest two, three years,” Vicki continued, explaining that her diet consists of “intermittent fasting and trying to really limit sugar and things like that.”

Vicky Gunvalson

The bravolebrity gushed that she didn’t have to be euthanized for the procedure. “I was really excited because I didn’t have to go under general anesthesia and they actually cut the bands of cellulite to stop it from appearing,” she said.

“Cellulite is those bands that appear and push the skin up [you] get those dimples So I’m like, ‘Well, leave them out. What can we do?’ and [the doctor said], ‘I can definitely improve. I won’t take you back to when you were 20. So I had a realistic expectation.” Vicki written down.

Vicky Gunvalson

All in all, Vicki happy with her new look. “I’m approaching three months later and I’m super happy with the results,” she said. “After about three weeks I don’t have any more bruising and I will wear a bathing suit and do my best to be proud of the results. It’s not perfect, but it’s way better. And I needed that. It’s much better without going under the knife.”

Vicky Gunvalson

She concluded that with Airsculpt and dieting, she could reach her goal weight. “I lost seven pounds from my two-week checkup to my three-month checkup, but overall I’ve lost about 22 pounds since I was at my heaviest about a year ago,” she said. “I’m a size 4/6 and 5’8 so I don’t want to be a size 1 or 2. i am a big girl I enjoy cooking very much. i love to eat But I eat one meal a day and intermittent fasting has really helped me.”

Vicki reached her target weight just in time for her return to The real housewives of Orange County. As reported, the CEO of Coto Insurance returns to season 17 of the Bravo reality series to spice things up. This time however Vicki won’t be on the show for long.

Vicky Gunvalson

“I wasn’t cast as a full-time ‘housewife’ or even a ‘boyfriend of’. I filmed a scene with tamra and shannon it was fun and I miss filming. But nothing more,” said the reality star said Page Six during BravoCon.

Vicki was spotted filming with former RHOC cast members Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador and newcomer Jennifer Pandrati in late October. The ladies were seen walking through a beach resort while Bravo cameras followed.

Vicki received mixed reactions on social media from fans about her return. “This could be a perfect way for Vicki to return to #RHOC as a full-time housewife if she plays her cards right!” said one fan. Another wrote: “Vicki is filmed in Mexico RHOC’s cast trip, Vicki is back and the Tres Amigas are back together cheering in Mexico…life is good.”

A third fan wasn’t so thrilled vickis Return. “Very disappointing to see Vicki there. She must have managed to beg her way back. After her disgusting behavior in the past I will never see her until the end of time,” the fan tweeted.

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