US Capitol Police January 6 riot investigations

Violations suffered include three incidents of inappropriate behavior, one for non-compliance with guidelines, one for inappropriate remarks and one for inappropriately disseminating information, according to a USCP statement released on Saturday. The statement did not state whether six different officers were involved in the six cases, nor was any of them named. CNN has reached out to the USCP for clarification.

“The six ongoing cases should not detract from the heroic efforts of United States Capitol police officers. On January 6th, the courage and courage shown by the vast majority of our employees was inspiring, ”says the press release.

The USCP’s Bureau of Professional Responsibility opened 38 internal investigations and identified the officers involved in 26 of these cases. According to the statement, no misconduct was found in 20 of the cases.

A seventh case against an officer accused of poor performance and indecent behavior is pending.

The USCP provided the Department of Justice with information on the cases “as part of an ongoing investigation into the prosecution of the rioters on the 6th,” according to the statement.

CNN has asked the District of Columbia Attorney’s Office for comment.

CNN also reached out to the US Capitol Police Labor Committee, the Union of Capitol Police Officers, but received no immediate response.

In February, six U.S. Capitol Police officers were arrested for their actions during the riot of the 6th upcoming right-wing rally in Washington, DC, amid the violent rhetoric surrounding the May 18 event.

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