Unhealthy house cures for COVID-19

While having enough vitamin D in your body is healthy, overdoing it is counterproductive.

“COVID-19 affects people differently. Some people have severe (after-effects) symptoms while others appear to have minimal symptoms,” says Lin. “The strength of a person’s immune system can play a role here. Vitamin D is a hormone that not only affects your mood and bone health, but also directly affects your immune response.”

Low vitamin D levels are associated with an increased risk of acute respiratory infections. Lin continues, “If someone is at risk for low vitamin D levels, or known to have low vitamin D levels, taking a dietary supplement to support healthy levels can help. However, excessive ingestion can lead to vitamin D being toxic Levels, which can contribute to high calcium levels. These high levels can lead to kidney stones, confusion, muscle weakness and an irregular heart rate. ”

Use common sense and follow standard vitamin D guidelines by getting the right amount of sunshine and eating healthy, advises Bocchini. “If people have questions about vitamin D, they really should speak to their doctor to see if there is a reason to evaluate their vitamin D levels,” he says.

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