UK Heatwave: This 1-p hack may preserve flies away from your own home in sizzling climate

With Scotland’s heat wave going to last at least a while, people across the country are grappling with an unfortunate side effect of the good weather.

With conditions hot and stuffy and with more and more people opening doors and windows to vent some of the heat, flies have become a real nuisance.

One surprise hack can buy a trip to fly paper or save hours on a fly swatter.

On a Facebook group dedicated to the Instagram cleaning influencer called Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, one woman wrote, “Does anyone have any home remedies for houseflies?

“You make me angry!

“Please help.”

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As reported by the Manchester Evening News, the post quickly garnered a lot of group attention, with many of the 635,000 members posting their hacks and recommendations.

One user’s tip seemed to stand out for its simplicity, all requiring a sandwich bag, a few 1p coins, and tap water.

He stated that the bag should be filled with water and some coins and placed in front of the homeowner’s door, assuring that it was “preventing them from entering.”

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The group member added, “I’m not sure why it works, but it reduces them.”

Others supported the method, advising that 1 and 2 pence coins work perfectly and be hung in front of open doors or windows.

Another member claimed that the trick worked because the bag and coins were “like a predator” and scared away flies.

Ms. Hinch fans also suggested using citronella candles, incense, adding cloves to half a lemon, and placing various herbs such as basil and lavender near open doors and windows.

One person wrote: “When we lived in Western Australia, we grew basil by the back door because it was so bad.

“There are a few different herbs that are recommended to grow around the doors to keep flies at bay.

“I would google to see what is recommended.”

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