UAMS to broaden in-home providers

FAYETTEVILLE — The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences will form and invest in a new limited liability company to expand the provision of home care to Arkansans, following approval by the University of Arkansas System Board of Trustees on Friday.

The new limited liability company will be named UAMS Health Comprehensive Care at Home.

Expanding home healthcare will achieve several UAMS goals, including creating a model system of care, increasing the capacity to meet patient needs, improving patient outcomes and developing a fully-fledged digital healthcare facility, according to Donald Bobbitt, President of the University of Systems Arkansas.

Because home health care is relatively new to UAMS, the university is partnering with home care industry leader Amedisys.

Amedisys will own 51% of the company’s member units and will contribute assets valued at $3.7 million to US$4.1 million and approximately $1.15 million in working capital, while UAMS will own 49% of the member units and assets valued as well of $70,000 will contribute $2 million in member units and approximately $1.1 million in working capital, according to Bobbitt.

Contessa Health Management Company, an Amedisys subsidiary, will oversee and manage day-to-day operations, while UAMS physicians will support the HouseCalls program through a professional services agreement.

The new Hospitals Without Walls initiative, scheduled to roll out by the end of this calendar year, will offer some UAMS hospitalized patients the opportunity to receive “Hospital.” [care] at home, said Dr. Michelle Krause, Vice Chair for Clinical Operations, Quality and Efficiency at the Department of Internal Medicine, UAMS Service Line Director of Medical Specialties and Director of Clinical Services.

“We tend to be quite busy with limited beds and this should allow us to accommodate more patients who really need to be at UAMS.”

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