Two injured in capturing at Redondo Seashore Pier; Alleged gunman killed by police – CBS Los Angeles

REDONDO BEACH (CBSLA) – An armed man who opened fire on the Redondo Beach Pier on Wednesday evening, injuring two people, was shot himself by the police, the authorities said.

August 25, 2021. (CBSLA)

The incident began at 8:20 pm when Redondo Beach police responded to reports of an active shooter at the pier on the 100 block of West Torrance Boulevard.

Witnesses said a man in his forties started asking people on the pier if they had a problem with him, then pulled a gun and opened fire.

A man in his seventies and a teenager were shot in the lower torso, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reports. They were admitted to nearby hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. Both were stable on Thursday morning.

Investigators said the shooter then ran to the parking lot and shot another man, but he was not hit. Officials said the suspect encountered four Redondo Beach police officers at the time and there was a shooting with officers.

The sheriff’s department reported Thursday that the shooting was apparently random and not targeted.

Witnesses described a chaotic scene in which people crouched and hid in restaurants and shops, or sprinted for safety.

“There was a rush of people on the pier and we were all running in the same direction to get off the pier,” witness Patricia Shafik told CBSLA. “When the police showed up, as soon as they pulled into the pier, they started firing and shouting orders.”

Robert Naito was fishing the pier at the time of the shooting.

“We hear some kind of noise and at first we think it’s fireworks when we try to help when in doubt, but then we notice people panic,” said Naito. “We hear gunshots on one side, gunshots on the other, so he runs around and shoots all over the place.”

August 25, 2021. (CBSLA)

The officers identified the suspect with a knife and gun nearby. At some point, the officers opened fire on the suspect who was trying to escape. A cell phone video of the witnesses recorded the sound of at least two gunshots. The suspect was later found on some rocks by the pier where he was pronounced dead, the sheriff’s department said. He was not identified immediately.

Elizabeth Espinosa posted a video on social media of guests and staff taking refuge in a nearby restaurant.

“We’re all here in the restaurant on the top of the kitchen. Here are all the dinner guests, people on site, super frightening, that’s terrible. “

“I didn’t see the actual shootings taking place, but I saw the aftermath, which is that the shooter slumped right over the rocks, quite hard to see, especially in a place so close to home,” Ian Axberg, who ate in the same restaurant, said CBSLA on Thursday.

According to the sheriff, a pistol and knife were recovered from the scene. It is unclear whether the suspect opened fire on the police.

There was no word about a motive. It is unclear whether the initial shots were accidental or aimed. The sheriff’s department is in charge of the investigation. The Redondo Beach Pier is expected to remain closed for most of the day on Thursday.

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