“Transfer with me”: Tahira Kashyap exhibits the way to prepare at residence

The pandemic taught everyone to watch out for their diet, fitness, and most importantly, immunity. As a result, home workouts became very popular during lockdown as the gym closed but the need to stay physically fit became more important than ever. But if you’re feeling lazy and skipping your workouts, it’s time to get inspired and get back on the fitness track.

To help you get started, we have none other than Tahira Kashyap.

Look here.

I won’t let multiple alibis get in the way of regaining my fitness. From medical side effects to surgery to hypothyroidism of not being 18 until the gym closes for coronavirus, I used all of these and many more excuses to stop moving my bum, but not anymore, ”she wrote in her Instagram post.

Kashyap, a cancer survivor, shared how important it is working out is.

From squats to pushups to other leg exercises, Tahira has been seen doing a simple but complete body workout.

A lower body work out can help you get started on a wintry morning as it improves blood circulation and therefore exercise. Lower body workouts are just as important as upper body workouts to tone up belly fat, increase stability and strength, aside from increasing a range of movements.

Inspirational right?

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