To What Is The Importance Of Cleaning Bounce Houses

extend the bounce house’s lifespan, it is very important to clean it regularly. It can be quite costly to rent a bounce house, ranging between a few hundred dollars all the way up into several thousand dollars. To lower the need to buy another bounce house as often as possible, I want that bounce house to last as long as possible.

As the bounce house is used more and more, dirt and stitching left on the surfaces and surface will slowly wear away them. The bounce house material will begin to wear out or decay as dirt and mold settles, increasing the likelihood of rips and tears.

Your bounce house’s lifespan can be more than doubled if it is kept clean and in good condition.

There may be few reasons why your bounce house needs to be kept clean, but safety and health benefits are another good reason why it should be. It may be dangerous for kids to play in a dirty bounce house because it can grow mold.

The dirt around the stitches or the material you keep in the bounce house will hold small amounts of moisture that will cause mold to form while the bounce house is in storage.

The bounce house could also have slippery surfaces. Slipping in a bounce house might not result in a fatal injury, but it wouldn’t be worthwhile to start with that.

I will cover each of these steps in more details later on, since they do not mention mold or mildew removal and just briefly cover the cleaning steps.

Set Up Cleaning

You will need to set up and inflate the bounce house so you can begin cleaning it. Using a Large Tarp would be the preferred method for setting everything up since I have to use it on the bounce house for jumping. Before we put the bounce house away after a day of jumping, it is the easiest time to clean it.

You will also require some cleaning supplies and equipment after the bounce house is set up properly for a thorough cleaning.

Supplies for Cleaning:

  • Surface lubricant
  • Cleaning solution
  • Disinfectant
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Rags or towels
  • Leaf blower
  • Shop Vacuum or vacuum cleaner

A leaf blower could also be used in a pinch. Most people would have either a vacuum cleaner or shop vac they could use. Personally, I enjoy using a shop vacuum. You may need to move the bounce house closer to an outlet if you don’t have enough extension cord to reach the cleaning area. You can visit this website for anything relative to bounce house

Combining the following:

3 drops dish soap

1 Cup white vinegar

3 Cups warm water

Use this mix as your cleaning solution after shaking it up so well. I prefer the Odoban spray, as it works better as a disinfectant.

Only rags and a soft brush are left, and fall lubricant should you have one. With Armor-All Original I just need to use that for slide lubricant. It will protect the slide and make it slick for users. They do manufacture specialty bounce house slide lubricant, but I find that Armor-All is so powerful and effective, it is more cost effective.

When using old clothing cut into rag size strips, most people have clothes on hand; if not, they can use rags. Using the soft brush, dirt and mud will be removed from the bounce house material. The brush you use must not be rough. Otherwise, it may damage the material. It is also possible to deal with all the dirt with a rag without needing the brush.

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