Tips on how to discover nice offers on hard-to-find train tools

(WXYZ) – Rebound Detroit is about helping you navigate these unprecedented times.

In today’s issue: Out of Stock, Tagged and Delayed, just a few of the complaints we’ve heard about finding fitness equipment to buy.

So where is the shortage now and where should you focus your search when looking for the most sought-after equipment.

Getting your body to work with dumbbells and barbells is not an easy task, but it turns out – even if you buy them, it’s a tough job.

David Millar and his wife Jill came across this roadblock early on to transform their downstairs space.

The two really wanted to build in their cross-fit training while stuck at home, but were unable to get the goods for a while.

“We used Marketplace, Craigslist, went to all manufacturers,” says David. “Nobody had anything in store.”

The couple eventually settled down after being annoyed about the fact that the gym feels all at home.

But anywhere else in Metro Detroit?

“We ordered about 150 pounds of dumbbells that aren’t here yet,” says Kate.

The order is now stuck at the border after a delay of 6 months.

“You’re still in Customs while we speak,” says Kate.

I’ll be honest, I also struggled to get my hands on weights.

To get mine, I had to go to an online marketplace and pay $ 60 for retail purposes, but I was able to avoid a 3-4 month delay.

Despite the gym reopening, Metro Detroiters continue to switch to home workouts. The viewers send us pictures of their new excavations – amid the pandemic.

Demand has hit the industry a lot, but it hasn’t been bad for everyone.

Eric Swanson is the owner of the Michigan-based American Home Fitness Company. It’s a company that has tripled its transactions and that spurred an expansion last fall.

“We’ve tripled our warehouse space and are now in Oak Park, covering an area of ​​around 24,000 square feet,” he says.

The good news for retail buyers is that manufacturers are now making up for some of the biggest summer inventory shortages.

“Everyone in our industry has had some supply chain issues,” says Swanson.

Swanson is proud to announce that they now have a full stock of strength training equipment.

But if you’re on the hunt, here’s the rebound rundown:

  • Amazon and Walmart continue to be some of the largest retailers that continue to stock free weights.
  • Please note that due to freight delays, your shipping date may be postponed.
  • By using a local online marketplace, you can avoid delays, but be careful. vigorously examine the seller and the product itself.

And while you may see higher prices on a third-party website, the general range you should expect for weights is between $ 1.50 and $ 2 a pound. Everything else depends on how badly you need it.

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