TikTok’s largest dwelling area traits of 2021

Pink and green will be the biggest color trends for 2021, according to data (Images: Getty)

Experts have analyzed what TikTok home trends will be blowing up this year – from the biggest paint colors to the must-have bathroom designs.

The study looked at data to find out what interior trends users in the UK were looking for online to make changes to their own homes.

The first thing to note is that pink and green will be the hottest interior colors this year.

Looking for inspiration for color? According to the data, pink is the color that will shake up your bathroom and kitchen, while subtle green is the focal point for living rooms and hallways.

Beyond that vibrant color palette, the study also revealed the hottest home improvement trends for your entire home. If you’re in the mood for a DIY assignment this year, check out this list:

Home offices

In first place with the most TikTok hashtags (3,800,017,400) is the increase in home offices.

Covid has changed the working lives of billions of people around the world, and more and more of us have had to move rooms to meet their needs from home. It looks like this trend will continue.

From tiny conversions to spacious second bedrooms that have been converted into a work area, there are plenty of ways to work with what you need to make your WFH setup more attractive and sustainable.

Home gyms

The home fitness trend follows closely behind with 3,100,985,000 hashtags on TikTok.

With the gyms being closed for long periods of time, people set out to create a space where they can stay active in their own home.

Space saving is also a big part of this trend. Especially if you want to invest in some substantial weights to really upgrade your home fitness game.

The mid-century modern trend

Mid-century modern trend

The mid-century modern trend revolves around timeless decor inspired by the 1950s (Image: Benjamin Benschneider).

Third is the mid-century modern trend with 66,900,000 TikTok hashtags.

After a chaotic year, it’s no wonder this simple shape is on trend with an emphasis on functionality.

This trend, which became popular in the 1950s, focuses on clean lines, a range of textures and a timeless decor. Think of copper statements and bold vintage lighting.

Wellness at home

Securing the final top spot is the wellness trend at home with a total of 978,600 hashtags.

Given the increasing need for self-care, this interior trend has hit the top 10 as Britons install spas and steam showers across the country to relieve stress at home.

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“If you’re looking to remodel and renovate this year, make sure you have a clear plan as it can be a very daunting task,” says a spokesman for GoCompare.

‘Look at the colors and concepts you want to include and budget for that cost. Check that your building and content insurance covers you for large DIY projects before doing any work.

“Remember, everything you see on social media are the highlights. So the length and practicality of a job seems simpler than it is. Do proper research on any work you might want to do to understand the size of the job and to make sure you are well prepared.

“It is also worth taking advice from qualified craftsmen before undertaking a project, especially for electrical, plumbing or construction work.”

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