Tiffany Franco’s beautiful makeover! Might be pierced after weight reduction surgical procedure!

Not many 90-day fiancé fans were expecting Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith to become the most dramatic couple of the new season of the Happily Ever After spin-off. Yet with their visa problems, money problems and nasty online battles, the unequal couple is now their main source of entertainment. While their relationship is still complicated, according to her recent Instagram posts, Tiffany appears to be pretty happy and content with her life. After her weight loss surgery, the TLC star went ahead and got some piercings. So she shocked her fans.

90 Day Fiancé: Tiffany Gets Pierced After Her Controversial Weight Loss Surgery!

Since the Tiffany Ronald storyline on the show was quite complicated, viewers are currently being split into two parts depending on who they support more. In the midst of this, Tiffany gained a huge following who have loved her trip since the previous season. Recently, she walked the path that every other 90 Day Fiancé actor seems to be going these days. So, of course, her weight loss surgery became quite controversial after she officially announced it. Until now, fans are waiting to finally see the result.

However, between all of this and the drama that is unfolding between Tiffany and her husband, she has decided to have as much fun as possible in her life. She enjoys the love and attention she gets from social media and gives her as much self-love as possible. So she got down to it after a day at the spa and decided to get pierced again. The TLC star already has a piercing on one side of her nose. This time she wanted one on her second page too. So she filmed her experience when her boyfriend pierced her nose.

She got another nose piercing at a tattoo parlor in Frederick, and now she has piercings on both sides of her nose. From the looks of it, however, the experience seemed a little painful. That’s because the 90-day-fiancé actor had tears in his eyes and almost cried when the needle went through the side of her nose. Well, putting the pain aside, Tiffany looked pretty happy that she did what she wanted.

90 Day Fiancé: Fans Point Out Her Piercings Are Not Even! Was it a disaster?

It seemed like Tiffany trusted the person who pierced her nose and mentioned that the previous piercing was done by her too. However, many fans pointed out that the piercings looked uneven. While there were also plenty of supporters, some people pointed out that Tiffany’s girlfriend wasn’t doing a good job. One hilarious comment on Tiffany’s post said, “My Obsessive Compulsive Disorder would drive me crazy for not even being.” After all, her followers were all happy that, despite their unevenness, the TLC star was happy with the results.

Franco later even joked about getting a tattoo on his forehead, saying “Cry Baby”. Now fans can’t stop asking them to actually go for the idea. What do you think of Tiffany’s new piercings? Do you find that they look uneven? Let us know in the comments below and keep coming back to find out more about 90 Day Fiancées.

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