This viral weight reduction TikTok makes individuals argue about American meals

It turns out that a Japanese 7-Eleven and an American version are two very different things. Not legally, maybe, but esoterically. While a grocery diet in the U.S. is made up of too many giant pretzels and cinnamon rolls, living off the food you buy at a Japanese grocery store isn’t that crazy. According to Bokksu, Japanese convenience stores serve a similar purpose to Circle K and QuikTrips in America – pay a bill, use the ATM, borrow WiFi. But in Japan, every location offers much healthier food than the beef jerky that can be found in US convenience stores. “Konbini foods are always fresh and tasty,” emphasizes Bokksu, before including anpan (a red bean bun), rice balls with seaweed paper and grilled salmon, and cold soba among the popular options.

The TikToker found that she could eat this “junk” found in Japan and still lose several pounds. One user saw her post and commented, “I’m not defending America, but it’s mostly the lifestyle. People in other countries run more, etc.” But in other videos Cherie not only breaks down the food she got from the Konbini during her time as an English teacher in Japan, but also speaks to the dubious among her followers. And of course the haters. One follower appeared to believe the problem was due to how much meat Cherie ate in her Arizona home country, to which she replied, “I’ve been vegan for 8 years, babies.”

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