This Nike-inspired built-in clever health system offers the exercise within the house fitness center the mandatory enhance!

In the age of COVID-19, there have been some pretty innovative design solutions for home gyms, ranging from adaptive gym modules that use smart technology for teaching to more discreet fitness machines that masquerade as home furniture. While most of us stay at home for these workouts, making sure we all have the equipment we need can still get messy, and some of us have neighbors living below and next to us. So we have to compromise when it comes to how loud we get. Swift Creatives, a Scandinavian design studio in Aarhus, Denmark, recently introduced Smart Fitness, an integrated smart workout system that adds all the gym accessories you might need to your home workout.

Inspired by Nike, the Swift Creatives team developed Smart Fitness for athletes of all skill levels to create a single system of five smart workout accessories: a foam roller that doubles as a speaker, a weighted jump rope, headphones and a water bottle. Foam rollers are a gift from God and indispensable for use after a heavy workout. Developed to relieve muscle tension, increase the freedom of movement in your joints and promote blood circulation – foam rollers are essential for athletes. Since foam rolls are supposed to be firm for the purpose and design, Swift Creatives took the opportunity to enclose a speaker in the high-performance foam so that music can play as it rolls.

The supplied skipping rope is balanced and can be adapted to different training weights and athlete heights. The cables of the jump rope can be disconnected to either facilitate the lift or to charge it. In addition, a built-in counter and timer keep track of every rope session so you never lose the count. Thanks to the built-in music connection, Smart Fitness can connect any training accessory, such as the breathable smart headphones, to your smartphone or smartwatch, so you can easily play music from your preferred streaming platform. Smart Fitness magnetic water bottle offers a unique touch to training and is equipped with intelligent control switches that activate a cleaning cycle for UV-C LED light so you can concentrate fully on the training.

Designer: Swift Creatives Studio

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