This electrical motorbike additionally serves as a dependable coaching instrument for dwelling health workouts

Most of the time we bring home a fancy exercise bike, work out for a week or two, and then forget about it completely. After that, the good old ergometer is used at best to hang up clothes.

For your exercise bike to be a worthwhile investment, it must also serve another purpose. So what better way than to have a motocompo-like two-wheeler that’s a compact commuter during the day, and an exercise bike when it’s time to get into the zone and work those muscles.

Designer: Raymond Wu

Meet the GYMO-FIT concept bike that has the typical urban commuter vibes and a durable exercise bike to keep fit. The uncertain times of the last few years have led to people opting for home fitness equipment – which is why exercise bikes have been enjoying increasing popularity lately. But like I said, the excitement of using this piece of fitness equipment quickly wears off. So, isn’t that a waste of money?

This concept bike is at least a two-wheeler and won’t sit in a lonely corner of your living room in case you abandon your fitness routine. It is a combination of an electric bike with aerobic and anaerobic fitness equipment. GYMO has three different modes when parked stably on the stand. It has the obvious exercise bike mode to strengthen the leg muscle group, rowing machine mode to train the back and shoulder muscles, and abdominal trainer to strengthen the core.

In row and ab workout modes, the pedals lock to provide stability for intended actions. The rowing motion can be performed by pulling on the stiff elastic handles and straps, while in ab trainer mode, using your feet to pull the seat cushion to a slightly lower position. This allows the user to perform the vital exercise to stay in shape.

The GYMO bike dashboard UI design switches based on the action performed. During commuting, driving mode is activated and displays current speed, GPS navigation interface, electric battery charge level and current weather conditions. In the training mode, the user sees all the training modes, the calories burned and the different setups. Both practice modes allow the user to connect with the online community to stay motivated and climb up the leaderboard.

The designer has created a 1:3 scale model of the unique motorcycle and exercise bike combination to prove its viability in real environments. Whether it will accelerate past this scale modeling phase and into a real prototype and eventually a commercial product is still uncertain.

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