The Toledo man achieves a 210 pound weight reduction purpose whereas working to encourage others on their weight reduction journey

John Nieman started losing weight during the pandemic and says he doesn’t want people to give up.

We’re bringing you an update on a great weight loss story we first told you about last year.

Now hundreds of pounds lighter, this man’s journey has reached an even greater milestone.

While rowing on a Friday afternoon, John Nieman works to keep losing weight.

“Honestly, my cousin’s wedding. December 2019, saw pictures of me and I looked like melted ice. I was in pretty bad shape,” said Nieman, remembering the first time he tried to lose weight.

Nieman weighed 509 pounds.

When we first told his story, he had just started dieting himself until he said he had reached a plateau.

After driving past it several times, he decided to stop by and train at the Standard Crossfit in downtown Toledo.

“When I met John last year, COVID had just relaxed a bit. We have only just started removing some of the restrictions. I met someone who wanted to change. He’s had a lot of depressions in his life for a way out, “said Sam Woodring, a level 2 trainer at Standard CrossFit.

At that time, Nieman could lose more than 130 pounds.

It has recently reached another milestone since then.

“My original goal was to lose 210 pounds by the age of 40. I’m 16 months old and I’ve lost 200 pounds. I’ve hit my 210 pound goal and I feel in a good place, “said Nieman.

At 39, he is months ahead of his birthday in January.

Woodring, his trainer, says he did things right.

“Lift weights. You know, running, biking. Getting on a rowing machine. Lifting heavy things. Eating right. When you’re trying to lose weight, you are calorie deficit and you are actually losing weight.”

And now Neiman wants to inspire others.

“Do not give up. The community is here. The support is here. We will always be here. You just need to know the right places to look. And come downtown. Usually I am them. Look for the giant. I’m not difficult to miss, “said Nieman.

Nieman says that if you want to hear from him and his weight loss efforts, you can reach out to him.

His Instagram name is archetype_kong or you can message him on his Facebook page on John Nieman’s.

In the meantime, you can visit the standard CrossFit here to schedule a free introduction to their workouts.

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