The snow is tapering, however the clean roads stay. When does the ice soften?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The snow is tapering tonight, although it continues into our eastern counties in the early evening.

The busy and treated main roads and highways were wet this afternoon. But now that the sun has set, black ice will form as temperatures drop on the teens overnight.

Also, back roads and back roads like your own neighborhood that haven’t been treated are still covered in snow and ice. That probably includes your own driveway.

So when do these become clear? Unfortunately, it can take a few days, even if temperatures are above freezing.

First of all, the ice and snow cover are pretty thick. Given that its white color reflects the sun and doesn’t absorb its rays or generate heat, it may take a while for it to melt, despite the top 30s for Saturday highs and the top 40s on Sunday.

The rain from Sunday evening to Monday morning will certainly help, but don’t be surprised if there are still bits of ice on your driveway and in the streets of the neighborhood on Monday.

The good news is we expect 40s for Monday highs, upper 50s Tuesday, and even 60s through Wednesday.

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