The Single Life Stars Who Confirmed Off Sporty Model After Weight Loss

Three female ’90 Day: The Single Life’ stars have lost weight in the past few months. Now they show off their transformed bodies in sporty outfits.

Side by side photos of 90 Day Fiancé star Veronica Rodriguez sitting on the couch and bench outside

Many 90 days: The single life Stars have lost weight in 2022, and three female performers are showing off their transformed bodies with sporty style. Brittany Banks, who has lost almost 70 pounds in the last few months, is among the popular 90 Day Fiancé performers who have brushed up on their fashion sense. The Miami resident’s new wardrobe is full of stunning outfits and her Instagram grid is full of glamorous pictures.

Annie Suwan is another big 90 Day Fiancé star who changed her dress style after losing weight. When she first appeared on the show, she wore casual tops and jeans. However, her new fashionable wardrobe is full of stylish dresses and swimsuits, which she loves to flaunt on her social media. Winter Everett has also completely transformed her appearance after achieving a 100 pound weight loss. Aside from flaunting her newly transformed body, the Atlanta native now sports colorful, classy outfits.


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Veronica Rodriguez

While the previous names have changed their fashion sense to be more glamorous, some cast members of 90 Day: The Single Life have opted for a sporty look after losing weight. One of those performers is Veronica Rodriguez, who has recently taken it easy to show off her athletic attire on social media. The 37-year-old mum recently posted a video to Instagram of her wearing a red sports bra with yoga pants and working out with a dumbbell. Many fans loved Veronica’s sporty look.

Molly Hopkins

Molly Hopkins is another 90 Day: The Single Life star who has completely transformed since her 35-pound weight loss. When she first debuted on the show, she wore oversized clothing and a casual look. However, the TLC star has now changed her style by making fitness a central part of her life. Most of Molly’s recent posts feature her athletic athleisure outfits or active wear while promoting her weight loss supplement. Molly showed off her taut waist in a cool leopard print sports outfit in September.

Liz Woods

Fans may have seen Liz Woods in Season 1 of 90 Day: The Single Life with Big Ed. She recently achieved her weight loss goal by shedding 20 pounds and has since completely transformed her fashion sense. The new Liz often wears running shorts with sports bras and loves to run marathons. In October, she completed her first 21.1 miles and posted a beautiful picture showing her athletic side. She wrote, “2023 I’m ready, 2/26.” Though Veronica, Molly and Liz have always been confident about their bodies, fans of 90 Day: The Single Life think their new athletic attire makes them look even more confident.

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Credit: Veronica Rodriguez/Instagram, Molly Hopkins/Instagram, Liz Woods/Instagram

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