The place are you now?’ Lonnie talks about life after huge weight reduction

Lonnie Hambrick’s life hasn’t been the same since he appeared on TLC’s My 600-lb Life. When the Texas barber and his brother John appeared on the weight loss series in Season 8, they weighed over 1,200 pounds together. After treatment by Dr. Now the brothers each lost hundreds of pounds. Now, in a new episode of My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? Lonnie shares how his life has changed since his dramatic weight loss.

Lonnie from My 600-lb Life says he’s been able to do “so many things” since losing weight

In a clip from My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? episode (via Twitter), Lonnie says he’s been able to do “so many things” since losing weight. This includes chores like painting his room and gardening. Getting dressed is also easier.

“It’s really nice to be able to put my shoes on in the morning. Put my little jeans on, my size 29 jeans. Which is crazy because I was 66 and now I’m 29,” he says.

However, the ‘My 600-lb Life’ actor still faces obstacles

While Lonnie is happy he’s slimmed down, he still faces some challenges. A problem? Find suitable clothes.

“It’s weird because you’d think the clothes would fit even better after all that weight, but now I have a whole new obstacle,” he said. “The skin is so awkward right now.”

Lonnie explained that his excess skin pulls from his shoulders making them “look really bony and it’s like I’m kind of melting. It chafes. It’s on top of each other.”

While Lonnie was able to change his life to deal with his excess weight, he has no control over the sagging skin. To remove the excess skin, he must rely on Dr. Leave now, he says.

Lonnie says he follows Dr. Now no longer obeyed

Lonnie on ‘My 600 pound life’ | TLC via YouTube

In the clip, Lonnie squeezes Dr. Younan Nowzaradan – also known as Dr. Now – his gratitude for his help on his weight loss journey.

“I can dr. Thank you now enough for saving my life and John’s,” he says. “So now we need his help to bring our body to its final stage by getting rid of the excess skin that we both have on us.”

These days, Lonnie continues to share updates about his life on his Instagram and TikTok. He even commented on TLC’s Instagram post promoting his Where Are They Now? episode to highlight how far he’s come since this episode was filmed.

“Omg I was way too skinny,” he wrote. “That was filmed about 2 years ago. I’m so glad I gained some weight. I stopped taking Dr. to follow now.”

“I’ve since transitioned fitness and eating to a new, much more sensible and workable plan,” he added in a follow-up comment.

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