“The Mountain” Hafthor Bjornsson exhibits a wide ranging weight reduction earlier than the boxing match

Hafthor Bjornsson lost a staggering 56 kg before battling Canadian arm wrestler Devon Larratt this weekend.

Speaking to Muscle and Health, Bjornsson – who played “The Mountain” on the hit TV show Game of Thrones – announced that he is at his best for his third boxing match.

Bjornsson was set to face tough rival Eddie Hall this weekend before the Brit was injured. Instead of swinging in Hall, Bjornsson, who holds the world record in the deadlift of 501 kg, will instead fight world number one arm wrestler Larratt after losing many pounds.

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32-year-old Bjornsson won the world’s strongest man title in 2018 after finishing second in 2016 and 2017. In 2017 he was beaten for first place by Hall.

The Game of Thrones star weighed an incredible 205 kg when he was named the world’s strongest man three years ago. But the Icelandic giant, who admits he’ll be battling British heavyweight boxing sensation Tyson Fury next, is loose and lithe at a lean 149kg weight.

Björnsson used to weigh well over 200kg. Photo: Instagram.Source: InstagramNow he’s shredded and slimmed down. Photo: Instagram.Source: Instagram

Bjornsson told Muscle and Health, “I don’t really weigh myself, but last time I weighed 150 pounds.

“I’m not getting any heavier, that’s a fact. I don’t really have a fight weight plan.

“I just want to be in good shape, feel good and of course survive the full six laps.

“When I competed in the strongest man in the world, I ate six to seven meals a day and reached about 10,000 calories.

“I felt good, but I never felt really great because of my body weight. Nobody feels great at 205 kg.

This is back from 2018 when Bjornsson weighed almost 200 kg. Photo: Instagram.Source: InstagramIt doesn’t look like it these days. Photo: Instagram.Source: Instagram

“It doesn’t matter if you’re strong or whatever, just being that heavy takes a lot of energy.

“Of course, my diet has changed a lot when I switched to boxing. I eat a lot less, very clean. “

In an Instagram post this week, Bjornsson posted photos of himself showing how different his body shape is compared to a few years ago.

“Which word describes these six images? #before and after, “he wrote.

In the meantime, Bjornsson and Hall hope to finally face each other in the ring in March 2022.

Confident that they can beat Bjornsson in the third round should they ever face each other, the Brit claims “The Mountain” should expect a “broken jaw”.

This story first appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced with permission

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