The load loss drug has been hailed as a sport changer within the battle in opposition to weight problems and is anticipated to be broadly out there in Eire early subsequent 12 months

A weight loss drug that has been described as a game changer in the fight against obesity is said to be available in Ireland.

The drug takes control of the appetite in the brain and intestines and convinces the body that it is satisfied.


The drug called “Semaglutide” has been described as a “game changer” in the fight against obesityCredit: Alamy
The drug is expected to be available in Ireland next year, according to HSE Clinical Lead for Obesity


The drug is expected to be available in Ireland next year, according to HSE Clinical Lead for Obesity

The news of Semaglutide, dubbed a ‘game changer’ by researchers, comes as HSE seeks to increase weight loss surgeries to tackle obesity in Ireland.

In one study with semaglutide, the average weight loss was almost 2.5 stones.

The study of around 2,000 patients, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that the mean change in body weight in the semaglutide group was -14.9 percent compared with -2.4 percent in a placebo group.

Weight loss medication

Dr. Donal O’Shea, HSE clinical director for obesity, said the drug is expected to be widely used in Ireland next year.

Speaking at the Newstalk Breakfast, he said, “This drug, which is expected to be approved in Europe by the end of the year and available in Ireland early next year, is the first step in the treatment of obesity.

“There are other drugs in the pipeline based on this drug, but with additional features that, in clinical trials, cause 25 to 30 percent weight loss – the equivalent of surgery.

“We have drugs to treat heart disease and we have surgery to treat heart disease: we are now getting to the point where we have drugs to treat obesity, and the HSE is committed to surgery to treat obesity.”


Dr. O’Shea said fighting obesity was a “key priority” for HSE for years to come. Especially given the impact the pandemic had on the problem.

He said, “I think a lot of people who put on a few pounds or pounds over Christmas have had more trouble than normal losing them.

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“And certainly in our patient group, the pandemic has contributed to around 50 percent developing healthier routines.

“The other 50 percent found it more difficult just for routine and the healthier option and the healthier choice.”

He added, “I feared the pandemic would put obesity on the HSE’s priority list, but in fact the opposite is the case.”

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