The Hunt: The Beast Mark Labbett “very proud” of sustained weight reduction

Mark Labbett has shared his weight loss journey with his fans. Photo / Mark Labbett / Instagram

Mark Labbett has shown his weight loss on social media.

The Chase Quiz Master posted a mirror selfie on his Instagram account and compared his figure to an old photo on the red carpet.

“Very proud of my progress,” he said, promoting a grocery delivery service for people trying to lose weight.

Fans of the quiz show star congratulated him on his progress in the comments. Some also indicated that they admired him at every size.

“Proud of you at all sizes. A man’s measure is not his weight,” commented one user.

Another said, “Looks good, well made to inspire others.”

In January, Labbett posted another comparative photo on his profile: “At this speed, I’ll be the thinnest chaser,” he wrote the post.

Last year, Labbett started sharing progress photos on his Instagram account to showcase his weight loss journey.

He used the hashtag #skinnybeast in the photos and made fun of his nickname on The Chase.

He spent much of 2020 focusing on weight loss and general health after suffering from “complete loss of appetite, no sense of smell, temperature, fatigue and the worst fever of my life” when he was suspected of having Covid-19 . he told the sun on Sunday at the time.

In October, the star shared his health trip on Twitter, announcing that he has “lost four inches of my chest and six inches of my stomach in the past six months.”

The quiz master announced that he weighed 171 kg at his heaviest weight. Hello! reported.

In 2017, Labbett appeared on the UK panel show Loose Women as part of their male body story campaign, where he spoke about his diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

He admitted eating up to 10 bars of chocolate a day and said, “I’m not going to complain. I committed the crime so I’ll use the time to do it.”

However, he also talked about maintaining a good relationship with his body and simply said, “I am what I am.”

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