The Home Democrats are resting in impeachment proceedings in opposition to Trump and calling on the Senators to convict him

Rhode Island Congressman David Cicilline said Mr Trump’s behavior in connection with the January 6 attack harmed not only Congress but also the democratic process and the dozen of people who work within the Capitol complex.

First, he noted that the three people who succeeded the president – then Vice-President Mike Pence, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and then Senate President Pro Tempore Chuck Grassley – were all at risk, and the rioters made it clear that they were harming Pence wanted and Pelosi.

“This mob tried to overthrow our government and they were dangerously close to reaching the first three people in line with the presidency,” said Cicilline.

Rioters, he went on, are ready to attack any legislature they encounter, as indicated by comments from mob members on social media posts that were then quoted in court files.

Cicilline said Mr. Trump’s “real North Star is not America’s welfare, it is not country first like our late colleague John McCain. No, his directive is Trump first, regardless of the cost, regardless of the threat to our democracy.” “

The Rhode Island Democrat stressed the trauma had spread not only to lawmakers at risk, but also to the bevy of staff, supervisors and grocery workers who work at the Capitol.

“There are countless people who are still living with the trauma of what happened that day,” he said.

Cicilline also highlighted reports from journalists who were in the Capitol to cover the vote count but instead found themselves in the midst of the attack, reporters who for years have been called “the enemy of the people” by Mr. Trump.

In addition to causing the emotional trauma, Cicilline noted the public health risk as the attack occurred in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. It also honored the three U.S. Capitol police officers who lost their lives in the aftermath of the riot: officers Brian Sicknick, Howard Liebengood, and Jeffrey Smith. Sicknick died as a result of the attack. Liebengood and Smith died of suicide in the days following the attack.

Law enforcement injuries who responded to the attack were widespread, with officers suffering from concussions, irritated lungs and bruised ribs, for example. A total of 81 Capitol Police and 65 Metropolitan Police officers were injured.

“Trump’s mob verbally denigrated their patriotism, questioned their loyalty and shouted racist slurs,” Cicilline said of the emotional pain inflicted. “They called them traitors, Nazis, un-American because they protected us.”

The Congressman urged senators to consider law enforcement officers, House and Senate officials, and Capitol staff who were yelled at by rioters, hurled racial slur and were affected by the violence when they eventually cast their votes to them condemn or acquit.

“Is that America? What’s your answer to that question. Is that okay?” he said. “If not, what are we going to do about it? These people are important. These people risked their lives for us, so I respectfully ask you to consider them, the police officers, the staff of this building when you cast your vote.”

Cicilline noted the unprecedented nature of the attack – to derail a constitutionally mandated process – and stressed that an attack on the peaceful transfer of power did not occur even during the civil war.

But “it only happened because of the cold, calculated, and conspiratorial acts of our former President Donald J. Trump.”

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