The freebeat Growth Bike affords an at-home cardio answer with out taking over further area

freebeat, a rising star in the home fitness industry, recognizes that the number one consumer concern when it comes to home fitness is square footage. That’s why the company created the Freebeat Boom Bike. Now everyone, regardless of a consumer’s household size, can enjoy a single cardio party.

The Boom Bike measures 51.5″L × 51.5″H × 24.7″W, which is smaller than the footprint of a standard yoga mat. Small homeowners no longer have to sacrifice their living space or rearrange their furniture to make room for cardio workouts. Most importantly, reducing the size doesn’t affect performance.

The Boom Bike retains all the classic features of the Lit Bike, Freebeat’s signature product, such as:

The Boom Bike weighs only 79.2 pounds, making it 30 pounds lighter than the Lit Bike. The carrying and assembling process becomes easier for users. With the minimal footprint, users can easily place the bike on a yoga mat and still earn rewards and glory by racing with friends in Freebeat fitness challenges, events and games.

The gamified classes are Rhythm Master-like class sessions, making the training process much more enjoyable and less boring. Users can choose their favorite songs and drive to the beat. Genres of music offered include top hits, EDM, rock music, and pop music. The system then ranks players based on how well they “keep in time” with the music, which is considered completely groundbreaking in the industry.

Compared to other scoring and metrics systems that only play with RPM, distance and calories burned, Freebeat offers users a completely different driving experience. As a distinctive feature, the playful class sessions automatically turn the training into a game, allowing the driver to better focus on the exercise and thus be more motivated.

The freebeat Boom Bike offers an at-home cardio solution without taking up additional spaceIn addition, the freebeat Boom Bike features a unique dynamically tempo-syncing LED color light strip on the bottom that can light up a room and turn any space into an exciting and upbeat cardio experience. The driving speed affects the color and frequency of the light strip.

The Freebeat Boom Bike retails for $699, which is even cheaper than the Lit Bike. In addition, Freebeat constantly runs promotions on its website for the benefit of consumers.

Freebeat is determined to solve problems and constantly strives to create fun and unique training experiences. Therefore, consumers can expect more practical, useful and aesthetically pleasing products in the future.


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