The East Yorkshire mum of two is unrecognizable after unimaginable weight reduction

An East Yorkshire mum is unrecognizable after losing an incredible amount of weight in a complete transformation.

Laura Philipson, 36, has lost a whopping 46 pounds after she was determined to shred the fat following a lockdown weight gain. Lauren became incredibly insecure when she hit her heaviest weight yet, tipping the scales at 14.5 stone.

She couldn’t bear to look at pictures of herself and cut herself out of family photos and hid her stomach in loose clothes to hide her weight gain.

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While on a dog walk with the family, she snapped a selfie and didn’t recognize the woman in the photo. From then on, she decided she had to change something.

Laura said: “Last year around Christmas I was up a size in all my clothes and didn’t even recognize myself anymore. Then I saw an Instagram post for a transformation group and just decided to do it and never look back.

Laura has lost a whopping 46 pounds since January

“It was so nerve-wracking because I hadn’t done any fitness at all before. I had previously lost weight through diets, but they were never sustainable in the long term.

“I plucked up the courage to go on my own and to be honest the session was really tough but once I got over the shock it was a lot of fun. The team are absolutely brilliant and very supportive, my goodness my husband even joins me for the night sessions.”

The mother of two attends a group led by personal trainer Tom Cowen, known locally for helping his clients achieve dramatic results. Laura’s transformation is a mix of diet and circuit training.

She said: “What worried me the most was changing my eating habits because I love food. However, I have learned that it involves swapping out unhealthy ingredients to make subtle changes in your meals.

Laura no longer has to hide her stomach in family selfies

Laura no longer has to hide her stomach in family selfies

“My absolute favorite food is paella and I now swap out the rice for quinoa, it’s a lot healthier. It’s also very tasty and not too restrictive.”

Discussing her biggest challenge, Laura admitted she was definitely starting her fitness journey. She said, “It was just a big decision to fully commit to something like this with no experience, but I’m so glad I did.”

As well as improving her overall fitness, Laura said her mental well-being has never been better. She thinks she’s more confident, feels more comfortable having photos taken of her, and even sleeps better at night.

The Cottingham mum has said she is in it for the long haul and is backed by a supportive family. She said: “My family motivates me so much and never tries to tempt me with unhealthy treats that stunt my progress – they’ve been brilliant.

“I would 100% recommend this to people considering a change. It is important to take a step back, not to put too much pressure on yourself, then you will go far.”

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