The Blackburn mom’s weight reduction led to the analysis of most cancers, which she thought-about to be menopause

A Blackburn mother pushed the envelope after beating breast cancer and losing four stones during a national lockdown.

Vicky Wilkinson began her weight loss journey four years after noticing that her weight was gaining rapidly.

Vicky quickly got involved with Slimming World, following the plans and advice given by nutritionists, and seeing her shred a little over four stones which kept her a healthy wealth.

But in February last week, just weeks before the first national coronavirus lockdown, Vicky was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The 46-year-old single mother of two entered a rapid treatment process with medication and radiation therapy.

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Instead of undergoing a four-week regimen of therapy, those weeks were pushed into a single seven-day period that put a heavy strain on Vicky’s mind and body.

But she says that without losing that weight first, she might not have gone to the doctor in time.

Vicky said, “If I hadn’t lost the weight, I don’t know if I would have noticed the lump.

“When I lost the weight, I noticed changes in my body – I thought I was going through menopause, I know it was early, but it would fit.

“So if I hadn’t lost that weight, and I knew if I had found a lump, they wouldn’t have caught it.”

Vicky’s diagnosis, combined with her treatment and isolation from lockdown, resulted in her regaining the weight she had lost all those years ago.

After extensive cancer treatment, Vicky regained weight, but found the motivation to lose it all again as soon as she got better

During the lockdown, she managed to reignite her motivation to maintain a healthy weight and started back at Slimming World.

Vicky said, “It was the worst time ever diagnosed because it was close to lockdown.

“At that point, I had all of my controls and I was fine, but I just didn’t feel well at that point.

“When I went through this treatment, I just didn’t feel good and I know that when you’re locked in and can’t do anything, it’s easy – it was just an excuse to feel sorry for myself.

“I was given one more chance and I thought I wasn’t going to waste.

“People go through this every day and I was lucky it could have been a lot worse.”

With her second time at Slimming World, Vicky has managed to lose four pounds again and has started to feel better.

Gemma Lewis, who leads Slimming World groups in Blackburn that Vicky participates in, says, “Slimming World is helping members change healthy lifestyles.

“Our food optimization diet plan encourages members to follow a diet high in fiber, fruit and vegetables, as recommended by the NHS.

“Through Body Magic, Slimming World helps members break away from a sedentary lifestyle and become more active part of their daily lives. Members also reduce their risk of cancer by losing and maintaining a healthy weight. “

  • To join a local Slimming World group in Lancashire – find your closest group on the website.

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