The best way to eliminate pimples within the ear? Listed below are 9 dwelling cures

When it comes to skin problems, acne or pimples are at the top of the list. Not only are they annoying, they can also be painful, especially when they appear in unusual places on your body like the vagina, buttocks, or around and in the ear. Ear acne, often known as an ear pimple, can in extreme cases impair your hearing and damage your ears. This can even get worse if there is an infection. So, how to get rid of pimples in the ear? Check out the following home remedies to treat it naturally.

dr Rinky Kapoor, consultant dermatologist, cosmetic dermatologist, and dermatosurgeon at The Esthetic Clinics spoke to Health Shots about how to get rid of ear acne.

What causes pimples in the ear?

dr Kapoor says, “Annoying acne always mistimes itself to appear on the skin. Pimples can appear anywhere and yes, even inside your ear, like the outer pinna, the ear canal, or the back of the ear. These pimples are caused by the buildup of body oils, sweat, dead skin cells, and germs. Because the ear lacks fat and flexibility, ear picks are often painful.”

Of course, the first rule of treatment is that you don’t pop the pimple at all costs. However, with a little self-care and simple DIY and home treatments, you can quickly get rid of and even prevent pimples.

Here are 9 home remedies to get rid of the ear pimple:

1. Warm compress

Soak a hot washcloth in warm water. Wring it out well. Place the washcloth on the pimple for 10-15 minutes. Don’t push too much. This helps reduce inflammation and irritation and soften the pimple, allowing it to drain itself.

A warm compress can provide relief. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Benzoyl Peroxide

Use acne creams with 2-10 percent benzoyl peroxide two or three times a day. Clean the affected area and apply the cream and leave it on. this will kill the bacterial infection and heal the pimple quickly.

3. Retinoid Cream

This is only suitable for the pimples on the pinna. Dab some cream on the skin about 20 minutes after washing the skin. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen before disembarking.

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4. Neosporin gel

The best therapy for acne isn’t Neosporin. However, because it contains moisturizing and skin-healing oils, it can also temporarily soothe irritation and repair damaged areas of skin. Apply the gel to the pimple and let it dry. Do this 3-4 times a day.

5. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a powerful remedy due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can kill acne-causing bacteria. Dip a cotton swab in tea tree oil and lightly dab it on the pimple. Leave it overnight. Do this regularly for a few days.

Get rid of pimples in earTea tree oil is the answer for all your ear acne problems. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Jojoba Oil

Apply some jojoba oil to the pimples with a cotton swab. After 30 minutes, gently wipe off excess oil and dirt. Do this two to three times a day.

7. Citrus Juice

Take some pure citrus juice of your choice. Dip a cotton swab in it and apply it to the pimple. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and clean with lukewarm water. Do this twice a day.

8. Garlic

Take two peeled garlic cloves and heat them in mustard oil or sesame oil. Lightly press the garlic cloves in oil. And heat the mixture until the cloves turn black. Strain the oil and let it cool. Apply this oil to the outer ear pimple or pour three drops into the ear and clean it after a few minutes. Do this twice a day.

Get rid of pimples in earGarlic oil can even be useful in fighting acne. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

9. Yoghurt

Yogurt has antibacterial, antifungal, and probiotic properties, all of which can be used to treat breakouts and acne. Additionally, it’s also packed with antioxidants that can help skin look better.

Bring away

Consult a dermatologist or your doctor before trying these methods to treat the ear pimple. If the pimple is very painful and too deep in the ear, let the doctor determine the best course of action. Keep your ears dry and clean to avoid pimple growth. Don’t try to rub or pick the pimple out.

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