The best way to deal with toenail fungus an infection at dwelling? dwelling treatments for you

Toenail fungal infection, also known as onychomycosis, tinea unguium is a common condition affecting the toenails. Toe fungus colonizes the space between the toe and the tissue that appears under the toenail.

The infected area appears thick yellow or brown. It usually occurs when the nail is cut or broken. The infection can easily be spread from one nail to another.

If the infection is not treated properly, the fungus will damage the nail, leading to breakage and discoloration. People usually consult a doctor for treatment but of course there are some effective home remedies to cure the infection.

cause of a fungal infection

Most fungal infections are serious, but some people may experience mild pain around their nails. It is caused by a class of fungi known as dermatophytes, which includes specific Candida.

Aside from the discoloration, infected parts appear thick, fragile or cracked, sometimes the nails can detach from the nail bed. The fungal infection can be caused by various fungi found in the environment.

It occurs when the fungus overgrows in, under, or on top of the nails. Infection can occur for various reasons related to lifestyle and hygiene. The most common reasons for the cause of the infection are:

  • Persons older than 65 years
  • have skin damage around the nails
  • Prolonged contact with moisture

Home remedies to get rid of toe infection

Toe fungus infection is easily transmitted and can damage all nails. So, using the right remedy can cure the infection to some extent and help keep the nails clean and beautiful.

Doctors usually prescribe antifungal medications and treatments such as itraconazole or terbinafine or fluconazole, which can treat most toenail fungal infections.

But these treatments take time and patience, some side effects are observed including stomach upset, liver problems and jaundice.

There are other treatments like laser resurfacing, topical medications, and nail removal that are not convenient and difficult to access for common people because of the cost.

There is an effective hack to help deal with the infection attack at home including:

Studies have found that baking soda has properties that absorb moisture that has built up on the nail area.

Baking soda is effective at preventing fungal growth by 79 percent. The easy and effective way to use baking soda is to make a paste of it and apply it to the infected area, or put the baking soda in your shoe or socks before wearing. Keep the soda for a while and rinse it off.

Garlic is considered a superfood that can cure many health problems like stomach upsets, colds, and more.

Studies suggest that garlic has antifungal and antimicrobial abilities that may help heal infections caused by fungi. Applying garlic on the affected area can cure toenail infection by keeping it for 30 minutes daily.

Mouthwash is a common product used by many. It contains ingredients like thymol, menthol, and eucalyptus that have antifungal and antibacterial properties.

So, it is an affordable and practical product to cure toenail infection. Soaking your toe in a bowl of mouthwash can make a difference.

Vinegar is mainly used in cooking, which is also used by many people for cleaning purposes. Vinegar can lower the pH of the skin, which helps get rid of unwanted fungus on the skin.

Some experts advise that adding two tablespoons of vinegar to a bowl of lukewarm water and soaking the infected toe can heal the affected area. With daily practice, the infection can be treated more quickly.

The ingredients in Vicks Vaporub, including menthol, camphor, thymol and eucalyptus oil, are effective in killing the fungus, which has been clinically proven.

The report states that 83% of people who applied toenail infection daily for 48 weeks experienced a positive effect. People showed a positive reaction after using the Vicks to treat the infection.

Herbs like oregano are an effective way to cure yeast infections at home. The antibacterial properties of oregano oil are able to inhibit fungal growth in the nails.

People with a toenail infection can apply the oil to the affected area. But the experts suggest that mixing oregano oil with other essential oils like olive or avocado oil can prevent oregano oil side effects for sensitive skin.

A mild fungal infection can be cured with home remedies, but if you notice that the toe is swollen, red, or tender to the touch, you should see a doctor. If the infection appears to be spreading to the skin, further treatment is mandatory.

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