The 7 Finest Merchandise for TMJ Ache Aid

For people with frequent or chronic TMJ pain, it can be difficult to find relief from this particularly relentless facial ailment. It’s a painful and misunderstood condition that affects 5% (and possibly up to 12%) of people, including young people, making it a rarity in the chronic pain world. The lack of available resources, information, and treatments can be incredibly frustrating for those suffering from TMJ, leading many people to seek quick fixes for their pain management.

dr Richard M. Lipari, a dentist at Lipari & Mangiameli Dentistry in Chappaqua, New York, explained that the term is an acronym for the temporomandibular joint that connects the jaw to the skull. When you hear someone say they “have TMJ,” it technically means they have TMJ disorder or have TMJ problems.

There are a few different common causes of TMJ disorders, including anxiety and stress. Lipari told HuffPost that most cases are the result of an acute injury, an improper bite, or “bruxism,” the technical term for teeth grinding and clenching.

“A combination of any of these causes usually results in more symptoms,” he said. These symptoms may include, but are not limited to: “jaw pain, headache, clicking and/or popping of the jaw joint, locking of the jaw, ear pain, toothache, changes in the way your teeth come together, and possibly difficulty opening your mouth.” .”

Aside from those who have been in an accident or injured that particular joint, Lipari notes that people with high levels of anxiety are at greatest risk for TMJ pain. “Bruxism … has been found to be closely associated with individuals who are highly stressed,” he said.

There are a number of treatments and lifestyle changes that can manage the symptoms associated with TMJ disorders, he added, including procedures that can be performed in the doctor’s office such as being able to reduce stress on the TMJ, which leads to that the patients feel much better.”

Home remedies include using hot and cold compresses, wearing a night cap while you sleep, eating soft foods, and massaging the muscles around the joint. “Having a custom-fit night shield created by your dentist is usually the single most important thing you can do to get lasting relief,” Lipari noted.

Regarding temporomandibular joint, Lipari emphasized that “it can be achieved to treat the associated symptoms to a point where patients are comfortable in everyday life”. When it comes to treatment, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so talk to your doctor and dentist about your options. In the meantime, there are some home remedies that can help relieve the discomfort associated with TMJ pain. Read on and get one for yourself.

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Not only is TheraFace a skincare dream, it can also work wonders for TMJ pain. My partner who suffers from TMJ uses it daily and has found it to be very helpful in reducing her pain and relieving a great deal of tension. She prefers the cone-shaped tip, but occasionally uses the flat or micro-tipped heads for a slightly less localized or intense massage. It’s one of the few things that has made a noticeable difference in her pain management. The device is definitely expensive, but it’s multifunctional and can help a lot in the complaints department, and that alone makes it worth its weight in gold.


Buzzy vibrating ice pack

Often used to get kids through the pain of injections, this vibrating ice pack could also help ease the gnawing jaw pain associated with TMJ disorders. It might be worth trying, especially if your symptoms are on the lighter side.


Intelliwhite jaw massage roller

This Y-shaped facial roller features 30 massage nubs that effortlessly glide across the face and jawline. You can hit both sides of your face at once and roll it around in many different directions so you really hit the spot.


Plackers disposable mouthguard

As noted by Lipari, your best bet is to get a night guard that is professionally fitted by a dentist. But we all know that the cost of specialized dentistry can be out of reach. In the meantime, these Plackers mouth guards can be an excellent solution. They have 15,090 five-star reviews on Amazon, and even die-hard grinding reviewers have said they’re incredibly effective.


LotFancy ice pack packaging

This multifunctional ice pack is the perfect hands-free option for someone who needs a little more mobility. It can be used as a hot or cold compress, is adjustable for a tighter, compressive fit, and includes four flexible gel packs.


Nurse Jamie Mini Super Cryo Massage Ball

This innovative face and body device from Nurse Jamie not only offers great skincare benefits, but can also help relieve tension and pain through pressure and massage. The stainless steel massage ball can be used both hot and cold and allows you to apply gentle pressure to the face when needed.


A set of massage balls

A simple set of lacrosse massage balls can make a world of difference, and while he thinks they’re effective tools, Lipari recommends consulting a professional on proper technique first to avoid further damage. This set includes one large, hard massage ball and two soft lacrosse massage balls that are the perfect size to provide myofascial relaxation, full body pain relief, and muscle knot relaxation.

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