The 10 Greatest Errors In Residence Exercising And How To Keep away from Them To Get Extra From Your Train

Do you like home workout? I definitely do. The best part about them is that there is no one around who can tell you whether the exercises are being done incorrectly or if you are half repeating a workout. But for the same reason, many of us fall into the trap of never learning how to exercise properly at home and making a lot of mistakes that can hinder progress.

While I can list some of these mistakes out of my head, I thought it would be better if I asked an expert to weigh the matter up. And not just any expert, but Dean Hodgkin, Head of Programming at the community wellness and fitness app TRUCONNECT from TV.FIT, who was happy to provide expert insights into the topic.

“Since home workouts have become an integral part of many people’s weekly exercise programs, bad habits have crept into the living room for some,” says Dean. “

What Are The Biggest Mistakes In Home Exercising And How To Avoid Them? Read on to find out.

Mistake # 1: Distractions

From kids to pets and the TV to the next-door neighbor who just came over to check if you were okay after hearing you let out a loud moan at the end of that heavy set, there can be many obstacles to be able to concentrate fully home.

For this reason, the gym is often referred to as the third place where you can escape and enjoy a sweaty me-time. The solution is to try to create an immersive experience that will bring all of your senses to your workout. Put on your favorite fitness kit and, if you can, Dean would recommend setting up your own gym in your garage, shed, or guest room. It pays off in the long run.

Another option could be wearing exercise earbuds or even noise canceling headphones if you prefer complete isolation.

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Mistake # 2: Cheap Home Fitness Equipment

Whether you’re using the bottom of the stairs for step-ups or a dining room chair for bodyweight dips, it’s great that over the past year we’ve adjusted our tools for resistance training so that we can all do the most (if not all) can achieve exercises that we would do in the gym.

However, Dean’s advice to those looking to invest in home fitness equipment is to carefully consider what to buy. In this retail sector, you really get what you pay for, and cheap equipment can often wear out very quickly.

T3’s best advice is to build your home gym step by step. One of the first fitness machines to buy is an adjustable dumbbell that allows you to exercise your whole body without taking up a lot of space. For toning, consider resistance bands and maybe even a TRX Bandit.

Speaking of TRX, using suspension trainers is a great way to train with your body weight at home. You don’t have to invest in a barbell and weight plates (unless you want to, of course).

Mistake # 3: staying in your lane

Progress in fitness is easy – when you challenge your body it temporarily suffers, but then it makes microscopic adjustments to make sure it does better next time. Sufficient nutrients in your diet certainly play a big role here, but you need to ensure that your body receives a fresh impetus to change physically.

Staying in your comfort zone and sticking to your favorite workouts can lead to a plateau where you bring in the sweat but see no results. Simply put, the answer is to mess things up every now and then, as workouts of varying duration and intensity will ask your body to use different muscles powered by different sources of energy.

Variety is always an issue for Dean when programming workouts on the TRUCONNECT – whether strength, core, Pilates or HIIT, the challenge is important. Variety is not only the spice of life, it is the key to comprehensive progress!

Speaking of workouts: we have a lot of them at T3. Here’s a full body workout with just five exercises and this push-pull leg workout for big gains too. Or you can do this 20-minute kickboxer strength and flexibility training. Or loads more.

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Mistake # 4: missing out on the warm-up

Skipping the warm up is a bad idea. You should gently increase your core body temperature, ideally with rhythmic movements of the whole body. It’s important to start small and then move your full range of motion around each joint.

By doing this, not only do you heat up the muscles, making them more malleable and less likely to tear under stress, but you also pump more synovial fluid into your joints, resulting in less friction as you move.

Warm up properly with this 10-minute kickboxer warm-up from FightCamp trainer Aaron ‘Speedy’ Swenson, or use the 10 best stretches as directed by a ballet instructor (tip: they’re pretty flexible).

Mistake # 5: buddy workouts

Fitness lovers can be both beneficial and potentially detrimental to your fitness ambitions. Committing to exercising with a friend or loved one is a great way to make sure you show up as you don’t want to let your partner down while we tend to go in pairs due to each other’s extrinsic motivation Working harder brings voice.

Fitness is not a “one size fits all” concept, however, so don’t assume that your best friend has had great results with a particular style of exercise that it will deliver for you too.

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Mistake # 6: Too Much Too Soon

While the mantra “You get out what you put in” is valid in the fitness area, this needs to be tempered if you are about to start your journey into shape or if you are doing sports again after a break.

Try to think of exercise as a medicine – too little can harm your health, but if you exceed the appropriate dose, negative side effects can occur.

Mistake # 7: wrong technique

The most common exercise-related injuries are due to poor technique. Focus on your alignment, make sure your movement patterns feel natural, and follow your body’s biomechanics.

Dean would always recommend using mirrors to check your posture as the last thing you want is to be causing injury or stress to tissues and muscles. Many online programs include a technology clinic, so don’t skip it just to get started or you might end up paying the price.

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Mistake # 8: Failure to Set Goals

As surprising as it sounds, many people simply fail to achieve their fitness goals because they haven’t set any. This opens up the possibility that at some point you will feel like you’re exercising just for the sake of exercising, a real damper on self-motivation.

Use the SMART approach to setting goals and taking measurements as visible gains will encourage you to keep going. Whether you’re weighing yourself off the scales, improving your 5k time, or counting how many pushups or squats you can do in a minute, any progress you make can be counted as personal gain.

Mistake # 9: ignoring injuries

Pain, whether acute from a single trauma or chronic as a result of overuse, is usually a sign that something is wrong and your training needs to be adjusted. You can exercise while you are injured as long as you “work around” the injury.

Movements that make an injury worse could get you into a downward spiral, so always use pain as a sign that something is wrong. For example, slow swimming with a minor lower back problem or slow stationary cycling with a shoulder injury are sensible tactics, while intense strength training would be a no-go in either case.

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Mistake # 10: don’t take days off

Without enough time to recover adequately, you can begin your next workout before your fuel supplies are replenished. When you don’t have enough supplies, your regular workloads become much more stressful. So make sure you include rest days in your regime.

Dean always thinks a healthy balance of flowing, meditative / mindful workouts is the perfect way to switch off on rest days. It’s important to be aware of the warning signs – any deterioration in exercise performance, loss of appetite, interrupted sleep patterns, and sore muscles are all signs that a day of rest could be beneficial.

Do you like to skip rest days? Here are 7 signs that you are addicted to exercise.

Dean Hodgkin is personal trainer and program manager of the community wellness and fitness app TRUCONNECT from TV.FIT

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