Sweetened superfood for weight reduction accommodates fiber and lowers ldl cholesterol


Sunday, September 4, 2022 at 12:38 am

Superfoods are multi-asset products that have become particularly popular due to their numerous body benefits. More and more people are opting for a healthier lifestyle and want to base their diet on as few processed ingredients as possible. But even apart from that, it is necessary to exercise regularly to achieve good physical and mental condition.

There are also many who choose superfoods to lose weight because they allow you to prepare tasty and nutritious dishes without adding too many calories to the body. When it comes to these products, they are all advantages because apart from their long list of properties, they are easy to find in supermarkets or herbalists and at very affordable prices.

Also, there are so many types of superfoods that it’s a matter of taste. The choice is wide and thanks to its variety you can prepare all kinds of dishes: rice dishes, salads, meat, smoothies…

The superfood that protects the heart, aids digestion and curbs appetite

One of the superfoods you should know about is lucuma, popularly known as the “Gold of the Incas”, which is notable for its natural sweetener for its pulp, which is sold dry. And its taste is similar to caramel. These are the qualities for which you should start adding it to your dishes:

Lucuma is a great option if you are one of those people who do not refuse sweets, but want to lose weight. Sweet cravings are the hardest thing to avoid on a weight loss diet, and it’s important to keep making small changes, like eating different foods. B. Omitting sugar from your recipes. Sweetening with this superfood will help you achieve your goal as you are only getting 99 calories from every 100 grams of this fruit.

This superfood can become one of your great allies when you suffer from cholesterol, as it helps reduce blood triglyceride levels and lower LDL due to its vitamin B3 or niacin content.


heals and regenerates the skin

Lucuma promotes skin regeneration and is a great food to aid in healing and keeping our dermis healthy.


Source of calcium and nutrients

Lucuma is a great source of calcium and other essential nutrients for the body, such as fiber or vitamin C, as well as phosphorus and iron.

The vitamin C found in this superfood makes it a great source of antioxidants, which are essential for fighting the free radicals responsible for deteriorating the body. In addition, Lucuma helped keep memory and nerve function in good shape.

Other superfoods you should know about

You need to keep these superfoods in your fridge or pantry for a healthy, balanced diet. You can include them in your daily recipes as most can be found on the market. In addition, the options that are present are very wide, so you can choose them according to your tastes and, above all, according to the goal you want to achieve.

For example, you can include in your diet canisters that maintain the figure and act as a natural laxative, miso that maintains a flat stomach, macadamia nuts that lower cholesterol. is, or brewer’s yeast, which strengthens skin, hair and nails. Saramuyo is ideal for reducing fatigue and maintaining a flat stomach; Tofu is good for losing weight and rye helps to avoid snacking between meals. Bimi is perfect for maintaining the figure and protecting against infections, while alfalfa prevents hair loss, eliminates heaviness and bad breath. Passion fruit acts as a natural relaxant and prevents the appearance of wrinkles, and granola is perfect for not snacking between meals. Taravi must also not be missing from your diet to cope with stress and have cocoa and energy to fight anemia.

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