Superior 1p hack that stops flies from coming into your house in summer season

Summer is in full swing – even if the recent rains suggest otherwise. And while we love summer and its muggy climates, it can bring some unwanted house guests. To fly.

Annoying buzzing flies. As temperatures soar and windows are thrown open across the country, the pesky beasts inevitably invade the home (much to our dismay).

But thankfully, some fly-hating Mrs Hinch fans have come up with an ingenious hack to keep the microbeasts from invading your home during the summer. And best of all, it only costs you a penny.

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A Facebook group called Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, which has over 635,000 members, previously saw one of her followers asking how she could stop the unwanted insect from entering her home.

She pleaded, “Anyone have any home remedies for houseflies? You drive me crazy! Please help.”

With summer in full swing and sunshine forecast across the country, it was no surprise that the post quickly became an interesting topic for many in the group. The post collected hundreds of comments with various DIY hacks and one user suggested using a simple sandwich bag trick.

The cleaning enthusiast explained that the clear bag should be filled with water and some coins and placed outside the homeowner’s door as he assured they would “stop her from coming in”.

The group member added, “I’m not sure why it works, but it reduces them.”

Others supported the method, advising that 1p and 2p coins would do the trick perfectly when hung in front of open doors or windows. Another member claimed the trick works because the bag and coins “resemble a predator” and scare away the flies.

Mrs. Hinch fans also suggested using citronella candles and incense sticks, studding half a lemon with cloves, and placing various herbs like basil and lavender near open doors and windows.

One person wrote: “When we lived in Western Australia we grew basil by the back door because it was so bad there. There are a few different herbs that are recommended to grow around the doors to keep flies at bay. I would google to see what’s recommended.”

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*This article has been updated and republished with new links and information.

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