Sunday’s Payments-Browns sport moved to Detroit, followers will obtain refunds for tickets bought via Payments or Ticketmaster

Bill’s EVP/COO Ron Raccuia and Bill’s GM Brandon Beane held a press conference via Zoom Thursday night to discuss the relocation for Sunday’s game and other important topics, including ticket information. Here’s a condensed version of what Raccuia and Beane had to say.

Q: How did the decision to move the game to Detroit come about?

Collect: “The decision to move the game to Detroit has everything to do with safety. Safety first is what we’ve really been talking about here for the last 48 to 72 hours. I would like to thank the Poloncarz County Executive, Gov. Hochul, all of our elected officials, certainly (NFL) Commissioner (Rodger) Goodell, and all of the league staff and the Lions organization for their dedication and communication and support in moving the game forward. As I said, our only concern has been the safety of our players, our fans, our community and making sure we don’t divert resources that the community will need this weekend.”

Q: Are tickets refunded?

Collect: “We’ve just sent an email to all existing ticket holders for the game. So our fans have a refund option depending on how they bought their ticket. But I would ask them to check the emails they probably should have received about five or ten minutes ago. These will all be refunded.”

Q: Are tickets for the game being played in Detroit transferrable?

Collect: “No transfer possibility. They are really two separate transactions. All tickets will be automatically credited based on how they were purchased. So if they bought online through the Bills, Ticketmasters, i.e. season ticket members, will credit it directly to their season ticket account. And the new on-sale will be completely separate starting tomorrow. “

Q: What are the team’s travel plans?

Bean: We will try to stick to a normal travel schedule. Of course we will follow the weather but at the moment we are arranging a plane to depart sometime on Saturday afternoon. We’ll have to wait to hear from the airline as to when they can get it here. But we would try to keep it as close to our normal routine as possible. So right now, as long as the weather is what we expect for Sunday, we would fly back after the game. They know the game is at 1am so we can have our normal routine and then fly back there on Wednesday.

Q: Any frustrations about not having a home game?

Bean: Well, I’m counting on you to round up the entire BillsMafia to show up. We sincerely hope this is still a home advantage away from home. Luckily not nationwide. We know BillsMafia is all over the place and hopefully those in the Michigan area will definitely be down. And those here who want to get out of the snow will hopefully drive over.


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