Sulfur Odor Indiana: Disruption at BP Whiting Refinery Triggers Unplanned Flaring as Northwest Indiana Residents Report Odor – WLS-TV

  1. Sulfur Smell Indiana: Disruption at BP Whiting Refinery leads to unplanned flaring as residents in Northwest Indiana report odor WLS-TV
  2. 911 dispatchers are receiving a “large volume” of calls after NBC Chicago reported an unusual smell throughout Northwest Indiana
  3. Portage Police say they’ve received “hundreds” of 911 calls over strange smell in Northwest Indiana FOX 32 Chicago
  4. In Portage, Indiana, other officials are urging residents to stop calling 911 because of the smell of sulfur; NIPSCO investigates WLS-TV
  5. Unusual sulphurous odor in several Indiana counties, CBS Chicago
  6. For full coverage, see Google News

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